Q&A with Richt after scrimmage

Read on to see everything head coach Mark Richt was saying following today's scrimmage, which was the first of the spring.

On today’s scrimmage:
There were some good, bad, and ugly on both sides. We’re still being penalized too much. There were some turnovers. One was thrown right into his belly. Jermaine Grace had a fumble scoop and score. There was no reason for that to come out other than the guy knocking it out wanted it out more than the guy wanted to hold onto it. We were repping so many guys so there will be a lot of ups and downs. Considering this was our first scrimmage I thought it was a good day. No one really got banged up. We didn’t have to stop play for anything injury wise.

On meeting with families:
Next week we’re meeting with our current players’ families after the game. It will give us a chance to get to know them. We have two events a year where the coaches and the players’ families can get together and spend time. This will be the first one.

On Brad Kaaya’s accuracy today:
He threw only one ball where he just missed a guy. He was super accurate. His accuracy grade will be higher than his percentage. That is how I grade them. He only threw one wide open ball that was off.

On the scoop and score:
Jermaine knocked it out. Someone put a hat on it. We teach them that if there is space, scoop and score. If there are a lot of bodies around, just cover it.

On the high number of penalties:
We’ll discipline them for that. We have ACC officials out here giving their quality time. It’s helping us learn. Usually a penalty is being out of position and you try to make up for it.

On a long touchdown to Stacy Coley:
The touchdown for Stacy, we had a little hitch and go. The DBs have been jumping on those routes all spring. I waited patiently until the scrimmage to call it. They had another nice deep ball to Coley that the official threw a pass interference on (Coley).

On if speed at WR is still an issue:
We still need speed. We have some but I promise you we need more than we have right now.

On calling plays today:
Brad, I’m thankful he’s smarter than me. There were two or three times that I called the wrong formation. He politely said, ‘don’t you mean this formation’ and so it helped me out. That was the first time I called plays in 10 years so I was nervous a bit as well.

On Gerald Willis:
Gerald played well. He was with the threes. He’s had a good spring and I like what he’s doing. He’s playing hard and he’s doing what we’re asking him to do.

On Quan Muhammad’s performance:
I don’t remember. There were a few times when there may have been a sack. We have to use judgement. He may have been more disruptive if he could hit the quarterback but that’s true for all the defensive ends.

On the OL vs DL:
I thought it was pretty close to being even. There were some runs, they protected it well. He threw it 21 times and probably would have gotten sacked two or three so it was decent. That’s not just line play. Sometimes it’s backs or the quarterback doesn’t get the ball out quick enough. Two practices ago the defense splattered the offense.

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