Richt talks depth chart & more

Read on to see everything head coach Mark Richt was saying following Tuesday's practice.

On today’s practice…
"Today was practice number 10. It's amazing that it's two-thirds over already, but we've come a long way. Just general observations of this practice, I think the defense really had a good day, especially in what we call our 'team run segment.' We kept score in that one, and they won 15-6 or something like that. They kind of dominated the day.

"Out of that, we did a little team blitz, and we actually did better on offense than I thought we'd do going in, a little bit of different fronts and stunts. A lot of new stuff, but I thought we handled it pretty good there.

“Our last little drill was probably a wash, as far as both sides having some good thing. Overall, guys are working really hard. Like I told them after practice, I'm asking the coaches not to relent on how we want them to do things - not [just] academics. We're not going to relent on wanting you to be on time, we're not going to relent on you being prepared, being respectful, doing the things we're going to ask you to do. We're not going to relent when it comes to going to breakfast or going to dinner, as mandatory events and that kind of thing. I'm asking our staff to do that, but I'm asking the players to be coachable and teachable, and not to be stubborn. I can't think of one guy who is being stubborn, to be honest with you. I don't see anybody bowing their neck on that. They really have a good attitude towards learning, and allowing us to guide them. That's the first sign of leadership. After a while, they'll take it over, once they know what we want."

On his general takeaways from the first scrimmage, having reviewed the film...
“We're just rotating guys, teaching, getting everybody reps and evaluating - even the quarterback position, I'm keeping my same role. I have [Brad] Kaaya with the [first string], and everyone else is rolling with the [second string]. It was kind of luck in the draw in the scrimmage - a guy had one play and it was a fumble, and that was his series, then the next guy went in. We kind of rotated that way.”

On the depth chart…
"Defensively, they may have done a little more moving there. I'm going to be honest with you, I haven't spent a lot of time watching their depth chart. I did talk with the defensive staff yesterday about every player, how they're doing and all that kind of thing. I need that input, because I'm spending so much time with the offense. We're getting there."

On the transition for the early linebacker enrollees, who did not play in any system prior...
"The reason why the mid-years are truly at an advantage, and it might be the point you're making, is that everybody is learning. Usually - let's say I've been here three years and I have five midyears - I'm installing at a veteran pace. I'm going. I'm not waiting for the midyears to figure it out. But because we're installing at first-day pace for everybody, they kind of got it at the pace that was better for them. Typically midyear kids come in and we're putting things in so fast because everybody knows what to do. Everybody on the team should know what to do except for a midyear enrollee. That's why we go veteran pace. But this year, veteran pace is the same as a first day on the job kind of deal."

On what he has seen from the linebacker unit, and specifically the three early enrollees...
"The young guys? They made, I thought, the top two plays. Manny [Diaz] might have mentioned it. The top two plays in the scrimmage, to me, were when [Shaquille] Quarterman stuck his hat on the ball - he's the one that caused the fumble that was a scoop and score. It was textbook, the way he approached - great football positioning. He struck the runner, his hat was right on the ball, it popped the ball out and it was a scoop and score touchdown.

"Later in the scrimmage, they had an all-out blitz on and Pinckney is on the blitz, and we throw a screen, he turns and runs like a mad man and clips the heels of the back, who easily would have gotten a first down and maybe even a touchdown. It was 3rd and 8 or 3rd and 9, and that thing's about to go a long, long way, if not a touchdown. Because of his effort, he clips him just in time to keep him short of the first down and force a punt. Maybe even a play like that can win the game. Both of those plays.

“There were other things that happened that were good, but it's nice to see those kids come in and make that kind of impact right away."

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