Q&A with Kc McDermott

Read on to see everything starting left guard Kc McDermott was saying following Thursday's practice.

On today's practice:
Honestly, the first thing I go for after practice is the pickle juice. They have cups of berries with mangos. It’s real solid stuff.

On Palm Beach County:
Palm Beach is a mixture of everything. Go West and it’s mostly horse country with hunting and fishing. On the East you have the beach and million dollar houses. Then in the middle is working class who work their butts off every day. That’s where you see most of the good players. Then you go way West and that’s Belle Glade. It’s a talent filled area.

On the upcoming scrimmage in Palm Beach County:
It means a lot. We have a lot of people coming out. It’s right down the street from my old high school. I’ll see old teachers and stuff.

On playing LG this spring:
There wasn’t a big transition. I played left guard for nine games last year. We all have good chemistry. Danny is our senior leader. He’s always been solid there. Tyree is the new addition and he’s working his butt off. He’s spending a lot of time in the meeting room and working on his technique.

On the young guys up front:
Hayden Mahoney is getting better. Gauthier has gotten a lot better. He’s at center now and last year all he played was guard and that’s a big move, especially for a guy who played tackle in high school. I’ve been in the meeting room two extra hours every day with those guys.

On Jahair Jones:
He had a good day. Bar Milo has improved from the beginning. It’s all about chemistry and how much chemistry you have with those guys. Gauthier was our center on Tuesday and we didn’t miss a beat. We just have to keep teaching the young guys what they need to do.

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