Kaaya talks new offense, WR depth, & more

Read on to see everything junior quarterback Brad Kaaya was saying following Thursday's practice.

On the offense in practice:
Right now it looks alright. We’re doing good things in general but the team still has things to work on.

On the new offense:
Things are going good. I like some of the stuff we’re doing. You have to dedicate your time, put in extra hours. All the quarterbacks are doing that. We just have to keep getting better.

On how much he's improved:
I can’t really say yet because the season is so far away. We’ll know in week one or two. I feel older and more mature, a few months stronger and bigger.

On Saturday's scrimmage:
It’ll be nice to get up to West Palm Beach and I know we have a big fan base up there that supports us. It’ll be nice to give autographs, shake hands, and things like that.

On the young QBs:
They’re all picking up the offense well. They’re putting in extra work. Evan is doing a good job with his footwork. Of all the quarterbacks, he has the best footwork and attention to detail. Malik has gotten better. Jack has the strongest arm of all of us and Vincent is doing nice things.

On the WR group:
Stacy is Stacy. He’s fast and doing good things. Braxton seems to have gotten better. Injuries nagged him last year. He looks fresh. Cager has done good this spring. They all have things to work on but Coach Dugans is teaching them new ways to get off jams and stuff like that.

On needing more WR depth:
I don’t know how many scholarship receivers there are now but getting more depth will help. A lot of times in practice, Stacy and Brax are always running deep routes and that can be tough sometimes when you don’t have many backups. Those guys coming in should be able to play early.

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