Peterson's Mom Weighs In

Palestine, Texas standout running back Adrian Peterson participated in a track event in south Florida last week and during his time in Miami, he and his mother had a chance to stop by the University of Miami for an unofficial visit. Mom weighed in.

"I was so excited from seeing him run and just being there," Ms. Jackson said. "When we had a chance to stop by the school, I loved it."

One thing caught her attention immediately that differed from her opinion going into the trip.

"When you think of Miami, you think big," she said. "The school's not big at all. It's a very small school and there is limited class space. I was impressed by that because I think that's great for the kids."

Peterson and his mom also had a chance to sit down and meet with some of the UM coaches.

"We met with Coach Coker and Coach Stoops while there," she said. "They were great and answered all of our questions."

Ms. Jackson said the only negative of the whole experience was the lack of time they had to tour the campus.

"The only problem with the whole thing was that we didn't have a whole lot of time," she said. "Between him running and all of that, we didn't get the time we wanted there. That's fine though because we'll get that on his official visit to Miami."

With so many top prospects staying closer to home these days to be close to family, Ms. Jackson said distance won't be a factor in her son's decision.

"Oh no," she said about distance being a factor. "We're all open for anything. We want what is best for Adrian and we all made it clear that it's all up to him on where he goes."

Peterson currently lists the Hurricanes in his top three along with Texas and Oklahoma. Stay tuned as we'll have more from Peterson very soon.

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