Practice Report - Monday

The second practice today was just that, the second practice of the day. The players looked a bit fatigued from practice, but they still got some things accomplished. There were a lot of players that sat out today's practice. The biggest news of the practice was the results of <A HREF=[PlayerNode:687902]>Roscoe Parrish</A>'s MRI taken earlier in the day.

Coach Larry Coker had this to say about Parrish's surgery, "It certainly went well. He'll be in all the rehab the next few days and we hope to have him for the game against Louisiana Tech."


Kyle Wright and Marc Guillon were working on their deep passes to the wide receivers while Brock Berlin and Derrick Crudup worked with the offense. Wright has looked very impressive this fall and today was no different. He has good arm strength and did a good job getting enough air underneath his passes for his receivers to run under it. Guillon does not have the arm strength that Wright does but did make some nice throws as well. Brock Berlin's timing was a bit off today. He threw a couple of erratic passes as the receivers made their breaks. He rebounded from these bad throws to throw darts in the middle of the field for good yardage. Derrick Crudup did not have the practice he had yesterday but still is making good decisions on the field.

Running Backs

Frank Gore has not broke big runs in the last few practices but there is no reason to be concerned. Gore is still getting the tough yardage in between the tackles and will be extremely important in the Hurricanes success this season. Jarrett Payton had another good day. Payton took a screen pass and made nice cuts up field gaining good yards. Tyrone Moss is improving on running between the tackles. He tends to not hit the holes when they are open thus not gaining as much yards as possible. With Kyle Cobia still recovering from a head injury and Talib Humphrey still in a walking cast, Quadtrine Hill is the only fullback currently practicing. Safety Jon Beason made the switch to fullback to fill in for the injured fullbacks and is doing a fair job stepping in. It is a lot to ask of the true freshman to make the switch. Beason was doing a real good job as a safety and it will be interesting to see how long he stays at fullback.

Wide Receivers

Jason Geathers practiced today after missing the first week of practice with an injury. It was good to see Geathers back on the field and he made a nice catch in the middle of the field. He was not at full speed but should continue to develop through time. Kevin Beard took an end-around for a nice gain around the outside showing his elusiveness and proving that his knee will not hold him back. Devin Hester is making very good routes across the middle of the field and taking off when he makes the catch. Look for Hester to continually to be used in these types of situations. His technique is improving and he is cutting down on the unnecessary steps in his routes. Sinorice Moss and Roscoe Parrish did not practice today.

Tight Ends

Kellen Winslow made a fantastic catch on a low throw running an out pattern. Roger McIntosh could not defend Winslow, but most linebackers won't be able to stop him this year. This year's challenge for Winslow will be to stay involved in the game. Often times a tight end, even a good one, can become invisible at times during the course of a game. Kevin Everett and Buck Ortega are grasping the offense each day especially on their block assignments, especially Ortega.

Offensive Line

While the jury is still out, the starting five looks to be LT Carlos Joseph, LG Chris Myers, C Joel Rodriguez, RG Joe McGrath, and RT Vernon Carey. Eric Winston has been rotating in at left tackle. Winston has been used on the outside because of the nature of the switch from tight end. He has been working hard on pass protection but looks a bit slow-footed at times. Chris Myers has been showing off his strength and has really been knocking people off the ball. Joe McGrath has been doing a nice job of opening the holes as well. Joel Rodriguez has very good balance and is tough to get by. Rodriguez looks to be a fixture at center but has been moved to left guard at times. Carlos Joseph has been showing a lot of energy in practice especially in today's practice. Joseph was very vocal throughout drills and very competitive.

Defensive Line

The defensive line was without a number of guys today: Baraka Atkins, Larry Anderson, Bryan Pata, John Square and Dave Howell. Anderson and Square are the only two who appear to have serious injuries. Alton Wright and Javon Nanton filled in at defensive end for the first team. Wright has been picking up on the defensive scheme quite nicely and has shown good bounce to the outside to stop the run. Vince Wilfork and Santonio Thomas were once again teaming up to form a force in the inside. Orien Harris should see a lot of playing time at defensive tackle as well. Harris showed good pursuit of the quarterback during nine-on-nine drills.


The linebackers were a bit banged up today as well. Jonathan Vilma and Jarrell Weaver were both held out of offense-defense drills. Vilma's tight hamstring is not believed to be serious but it is not something the coaches want to risk at this point. The hamstring injury can be a very nagging injury and should not be forced during the early practices of the season. D.J. Williams had a good practice pursuing the run and anticipating the play. Glenn Cook and Tavares Gooden have had good practices as well. Leon Williams looked more comfortable playing with the first unit today filling in for Vilma.

Defensive Backs

Kelly Jennings had a good practice and has been improving his technique each day. His footwork looks good and he is healthy this fall, something he is very encouraged by. Sean Taylor is reading the plays very well and is constantly around the ball. Brandon Meriweather had a near interception in today's practice only to have it fall out of his hands. Travarous Bain has been improving after struggling a bit in the first few practices. Bain has been adjusting to the ball in the air better and has been utilizing his speed during game situations. Glenn Sharpe and Greg Threat did not practice.


Mark Gent was not as sharp today as he has been. Gent hit a few fluttering kicks today, something he has not been doing in previous practices. Jon Peattie did not practice today due to an injury, but he did do some light running. Chris Harvey, Jim Sikora and Curtis Justus worked on their long snapping today. Harvey will be the team's long snapper this year but with him being a senior, it is important for Justus to gain experience at this position. Justus had a hard time with his strength of his snaps, which is something the former tight end will continue to work on.

Practice resumes tomorrow at 3:30 and the final practice open to the public is August 13.

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