Q&A with S&C coach Gus Felder

Read on to see everything new strength and conditioning coach Gus Felder was saying on Wednesday.

On his philosophy:
Strength is 90-percent mental and 10-percent physical. We don’t want them to quit anything they start. That happens a lot in life. We want to test them now so when we get out there on Saturdays, they’ll be prepared. We want to challenge our guys mentally so playing will be the easiest thing they have to do. Playing the game on Saturday should be the fun part.

 On replacing Coach Swasey:
S&C is a unique position. Swasey had been here for 16 years. That’s hard to do. The platform he had established was excellent. A lot of us young coaches dream of being at a place for 16 years. There was no adding to it. I’m just trying to attack the goals set by Coach Richt. I’m excited to follow such a great guy.

 On the progress:
We have some work to do. The transition has been great on my end. These guys here have a drive, a passion to be great. Now we’re trying to enhance that desire, push them to do great things. They’re getting stronger. They’re doing everything we’re asking them to do. We all have a long way to go. Seven months isn’t enough for a strength coach, especially when you throw in the time they spent on spring ball. We made gains but we’ll see better results in the future. We’re making great strides.

 On his personality:
There’s only one Gus. I’m blessed to be this way. Why not? We all have special abilities the Lord has blessed us with. I’m going to give that to our kids every single time.

 On the players and their commitment:
It’s tough getting up at 5 am to run all over the place. It’s a lot to put your body through that. It takes a special person. My entire staff has great personalities so we can reach every single player. I may not be able to reach every player. That’s how we can work together.

 On last year’s team being so big:
We compare our lean muscle mass to that of the NFL. We’re preparing our bodies for 17-game seasons.  Everyone has their own body fat percentage and weight they got to have but it’s based on a system we have. I meet with Coach Richt first we watch them move through different mat drills and things like that. Then I’ll meet with the coordinators and then I’ll meet with the position coaches and we’ll put together a plan that’s best for the program.

 On individual standouts:
Stan Dobard has done a great job. Gerald Willis has done. Jamal Carter is a freak. The two freshmen – Shaq and Pink – are blessed. Michael Irvin has been on fire. Kc McDermott is having a great summer. Nick Linder. I can keep naming guys.

On the nutrition program now:
That’s something I saw when I first got here that was missing. If you’re not putting the right things in your mouth, it doesn’t matter what you’re lifting. You have to have great nutrition. If you’re not eating right outside of here, it won’t work. The education piece is huge.

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