TE Plans on Visiting UM

At 6-foot-7 and 215 pounds, Longview, Texas standout tight end Tate Casey spent most of this summer playing baseball. "I put about 10,000 miles on my truck," Casey said. "I was playing in AAU tournaments and I went to a bunch of showcases. It was great, I had a lot of fun."

The highlight of his summer?

"I just got back from the Area Code Games in Long Beach, California," he said. "They're huge. There are probably over 200 pro scouts at those things. I got a chance to throw some. In three innings, I only allowed two hits and didn't allow any runs. I was hitting 92 (mph) on a consistent basis."

Casey, who said he can throw as hard as 94 mph, also made a stop at the University of Texas one day camp.

"That went well," he said. "I ran a 4.7-flat and got a chance to catch some balls from different guys."

The talented tight end, who said he's spoken to UM commitment Kirby Freeman a few times, said he's going to have a very difficult decision to make after high school.

"A lot of scouts are looking at me," he said. "If I ever got a chance to play professional baseball, I'd be crazy not to consider it. But honestly, I couldn't tell you what will happen from here. A couple [schools] told me that I can play both sports but I don't know if I wanna split my time like that."

Casey said he hasn't ruled out the possibility of going straight into the pro ranks after high school.

"Hopefully I'll get drafted high," he said. "If I do and a big opportunity is there for me, I could persue that and if it doesn't work out, I could always come back [to college football]. But right now, I have no idea what's going to happen."

One thing Casey is clear on is the fact that he will give his total focus to football if that's the direction he decides to go.

"If I stay with football then I'll give it everything I have," he said. "If you're going to offer me a full scholarship and pay my way through school then I'm going to give it everything I have in return."

Several major college programs are trying to land the talented tight end.

"My favorite is probably Baylor," he said before pausing for a moment. "No, I'm just kidding. Honestly, I'm looking at a lot of them right now."

Casey talked about some of those programs.

"I plan on taking official visits to Texas and LSU for now and then fill in the other three later on," he said. "I went by UCLA for a recruiting [unofficial] visit last week. It went really well. They're probably in there somewhere. Arkansas and [Texas] Tech are coming on strong and I need to talk to Miami about setting something up."

The standout tight end, who is a full academic qualifier, talked more about the Hurricanes.

"I talked to them in the spring," he said. "You know Miami's always going to be near the top. My coach has been talking to [Miami] and he was told they'll be offering me a scholarship. I haven't seen it yet but that doesn't mean I haven't gotten it. I spent the entire summer with my brother in California so I have stacks and stacks of mail that I haven't even opened here yet."

Casey said he is looking forward to talking to the UM coaches again starting in a few weeks.

"I guess I'll start trying to set something up with them when they start calling again on September 1," he said. "So UT, LSU, and Miami will probably be three of them (visits). I'm still working on the rest."

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