LB Has A New Look

Miami (Fla.) Gulliver Prep standout linebacker Emory Williams was frustrated when this past spring rolled around. "After having played in just a few games last season because of my injuries, I wasn't able to do a lot of the things I wanted to do," Williams, who is a cousin to UM standout Sean Taylor, said. "It was frustrating at times."

The worst of the rehab was when Williams was out of shape.

"I had gotten up to about 240," he said. "I was too heavy. I didn't even feel the same. That's when I realized that I seriously need to make a change."

The talented linebacker, who ran a 4.72/40 at the NIKE Camp in April, spent the next few months running and lifting in preparation for his senior year.

"I'm ready now," he said. "I feel great. I'm about 220-225 right now and I'm in the 4.55 range. I'm playing both ways this year and I can't wait till our first game."

On the recruiting front, Williams said he's keeping his options open.

"I've been communicating with UM, Florida, Michigan State, people like that," he said. "They all said they just want to see how my first few games go before offering."

Williams spent his final days before practice began watching the hometown Hurricanes.

"I went out there a lot," he said. "The last time I talked to Coach Hargreaves, he was telling me how they didn't offer Jonathan Vilma till the third game of his senior season. I just gotta go out there and leave them no choice."

Another factor in favor of the Hurricanes is the fact that two of his best friends will likely be attending UM next year.

"My two best friends are JR Bryant and Dane Guthrie," he said. "They've offered them already so it would be great for all three of us to go together. That's something we've talked about for a while now."

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