Canes Camp: Day 10

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- From what he has seen through the early days of #CanesCamp on the Greentree Practice Fields, junior quarterback Brad Kaaya is encouraged by the Miami offense.

"Right now, it looks pretty good. We'll see towards the end of camp, but only one scrimmage has gone by," Kaaya said. "We have to build more depth and find some more good guys that we can lean on who are twos and threes."

Friday's practice was an opportunity to work on short yardage and red zone for both the offense and defense.

Though defense "won" the practice once again, head coach Mark Richt said the familiar result is not indicative of any lopsided practices, but rather a test of the depth on both sides of the football.

“If all I did was watch our ones [on offense], every time our ones were in there, I'd feel pretty good...our twos are going against the number one defense, and they're swarming them pretty good,” Richt said. “If you just went our offensive ones, on every tape from there, I would say the offense was winning the majority of the days.”

Among those impressive players on the first-team offense is veteran wide receiver Malcolm Lewis, who Richt said has flown under the radar.

"It was about the offseason we had - spending more time going through the routes, getting the timing down pat," Lewis said about his early success in the new offense.

Now in his fifth year with the Hurricanes, Lewis serves as a leader in the wide receiver room, which has some young standouts.

"We're very close. They're young, but they're ready to compete,” Lewis said. “When they see us lead by example - me, Stacy [Coley] and Braxton [Berrios] - they'll follow it."

Kaaya says the connection he feels with Lewis and all the upperclassmen stems from his time at the helm of the offense.

“I've known these guys,” Kaaya said. “This is my third year being around most of these guys. It's coming along pretty well. I know how they run routes, get in and out of breaks and stuff like that. Timing is pretty good with these guys."

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