Receivers Talk About Fall Camp

Read on to see what some wide receivers were saying following practice Tuesday morning.

Wide Receiver Braxton Berrios

On the injury to freshman Ahmmon Richards…

“He’s doing as much as he can. As we all know, that’s a pain. It’s a pain to deal with. It’s a nagging injury. We’re praying for him, hoping he gets back healthy as soon as he can. He’s doing all he can.”

On what Richards is capable of when healthy….

“A lot. He can stretch the field. He’s long, he has good hands, he is a smart football player. He brings a lot to the table. Like I said, we’re really hoping – especially with [Lawrence] Cager going down this year – really hoping he can fill some of that void, at least.”

On how much Lawrence Cager has been around, despite the season-ending injury…

“As much as you can be. I know, from his position, it must be hard to go through that in the summer, and when you’re supposed to have a tremendous season coming up. He was supposed to be our starting ‘X’ [receiver] and all of that. I think it’s hard. You go through stages when you’re hurt, as everybody knows. He’s around as much as he can [be]. Honestly, he’s positive completely around us. I haven’t seen him down around us – I don’t know if he is or not – but around us, he hasn’t been. I think it helps him, and I think it help us a lot.”


Wide Receiver Malcolm Lewis

On how he feels at practice, and being called one of the team’s most reliable wide receivers…

“That makes me feel good. I’m just going to continue what I’ve been doing, just keep grinding every day and compete. Come out here and compete every day.”

On being a leader as a fifth-year senior….

“Just getting the younger guys familiar with the playbook, and have less ‘M.Es’ [mental errors] – no M.Es.  You have to study more, spend all your free time in the [play] book. I just try to preach that to the young guys, and right now they’re doing a great job with it.”

On what it’s like to be a leader…

“I don’t have any feelings about it. It just comes to me, and I do it. It’s not like I’m thinking about it, like I’m the leader of something. We have plenty of guys who can lead, even the younger guys, sometimes, you can learn something from.”

Wide Receiver Dayall Harris

On the difference between going to junior college and being at a major school...

“When I went from Ole Miss to junior college, I wish I had all the resources that I had when I was at Ole Miss – the tutoring and the little snacks that I never ate. In junior college you don’t get any of that, so everything is a blessing.”

On the working relationship he has with Coach Dugans...

“Coach (Ron) Dugans takes my phone and he will call me just to remind me that ‘I didn’t bring you down here just to joke around, so get after it and make sure you are studying your playbook’. With him being (hard) on me and me being (tough) on myself – being critical on the little things that I do – it helps me get better.”

On his weight gains...

“I came in at 187 and now I’m 207 with seven percent body fat. Coach Gus (Felder) is doing a great job in the weight room.”

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