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Richt Talks Injuries, Scrimmage & More

Read on to see everything Mark Richt was saying following Saturday's final practice of fall camp.

Head Coach Mark Richt

Opening Statement…

“It is the last day of camp, I guess. It just seems like another day to me. School is going to start Monday, and they have to start managing more than just football, with their academics and all the things that go along with it. There's more things to be distracted from practice and meetings and things like that, so they just have to learn to focus when it's time to focus and take care of business outside of football. I thought overall it was a very good camp. I thought the guys worked really hard, I thought we got better. The only problem now is we have two more weeks before we play a game, and you can get stale. But we are going to begin to work some scout teams and we're going to start getting ready for Wednesday's scrimmage, which will be a practice game against Florida A&M. We'll have offense and defense on the same sideline for the first time. We'll be substituting for kicking for the first time. We'll be bench control for the first time. We'll probably simulate coaches up in the box during the scrimmage, and all of that."

On the importance of avoiding “staleness” at practice with two weeks to go before the season opener…

"Hopefully gameplan mode will help them get excited. Yesterday we didn't meet in the afternoon with the players. We just met at night and the coaches were working on finalizing a game plan for Florida A&M. Same thing today. Sunday, depending on how far along we are as coaches, we may come in and continue with that, so by Monday we'll be ready to present at least bits and pieces of the game plan, as it's going to happen and as we're going to call it in a game."

On the status of freshman wide receiver Ahmmon Richards, who was not seen at practice Saturday

"Ahmmon had a personal issue to take care of today. He'll be here Monday."

On the location of the scrimmage Wednesday and the details of Friday’s scrimmage…

"It's got to be here. I would love to have it at the stadium, but we're not allowed to get there yet. It's not a scrimmage Friday. I call it a situational scrimmage. Situations that don't come naturally on Wednesday, we’ll orchestrate. In other words, we're just going to play a half of football. It's going to be the second half on Wednesday. We'll be down maybe by 24 points or something, and we have to crawl back in the game and find a way back in the game. Whatever happens, happens. Just play it like it happens. If there's certain situations that we haven't hit  that didn't happen in the scrimmage, then Friday we'll orchestrate that."

On the status of freshman Michael Pinckney and timetable…

"He's not quite ready. He showed us a lot in the spring. If he was a true freshman without spring ball, I doubt we'd be thinking a whole lot about trying to get him ready. But he showed enough in the spring that we think he can play at this level. He's a pretty sharp kid. We just have to get him healthy.”

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