Q&A with Dayall Harris

Read on to see what new wide receiver Dayall Harris was saying following Tuesday's practice.

On Ahmmon Richards:
Ahmmon practiced today and he looked really good. He’ll be ready for the season.


On Sam Bruce:
Sam didn’t practice today. He’ll be out here tomorrow though.


On the toughest cornerback:
I’ll say Corn. He’s real smart and he’s seen a lot. Mayes is really good, too. He’s been very very patient on a lot of routes. We’ll run an out route and he’s patient enough and can undercut it.


On getting all the first team reps now that Cager is out:
It helps a lot. Going with the first team has allowed me to make a lot more plays. I had to make more plays with him out.


On what he likes about Stacy Coley:
His leadership.  He’s always trying to get better, and is always telling me things that I can use to get better. He’s fast, very smooth in and out of his routes. He’s the total package, a first rounder for sure.


On the backup QBs:
Vincent is very smart. He stays in the pocket more. Malik loves making big plays. When he makes mistakes it’s because he’s trying to make plays.  A backup quarterback is very important. Someone can get hurt at anytime so it’s good to have them. 

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