Q&A with Chad Thomas

Read on to see what Chad Thomas was saying following Friday's practice.

On the defensive line rotation:
The coaches are doing their jobs.


On his music career off the field:
It’s doing good. I’m making my music and having fun with it but as soon as camp started I put my music away and it was time to focus only on football.


On how tough it was to put music aside:
It’s easy for me but I signed a Letter of Intent with the school to play football so I gotta do that first.


On the tradition of great DL here:
It’s real motivating. I always talk to one of the greatest, Warren Sapp.  I talk to him about what motivated him to come out here and it helped me to have a better mindset on the field. He says just be relentless. He was relentless in everything he did. Punt block, everything. That’s what I gotta do.


On his personality:
I say I have a dominant personality on the field. I feel comfortable out here. I’m sorta quiet off the field though.


On the younger defensive ends:
I wouldn’t say they’re behind me because we don’t have a starting lineup. We are all rotating. The whole D-Line is doing good. We are much better than last season and now we just gotta see how we do in a game.

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