Rumph Breaks Down DB Situation

Read on to see everything coach Mike Rumph is saying about his defensive back group and the competition going on there.

On former players he talks to most:
Tolbert Bain. He is here all the time. He was part of a championship team. He puts a good amount of pressure on me to uphold what we’ve done here in the past.


On when he considered getting into coaching:
From 2007 to 2011 I was out owning a business, personal training, and things like that. It’s when I thought I was a good teacher and that’s when I went into high school coaching.


On the depth at corner:
I feel excited about the depth we have at corner. They’re starting to play our type of football. They are starting to understand what we want them to do. I’m excited about that.


On the freshmen being prepared to play:
The best thing I can tell them is you have to practice really hard, prepare hard during film study. You may be nervous but the thing with veteran players is after that first play they go back to doing what they do. If they prepare right it won’t be too big a stage.


On Malek Young:
He understands routes and concepts. He has speed. Fast players aren’t afraid to get beat. He plays with a calmness about him. That’s why we saw him as a guy who can help us this year.

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