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UM Offensive Players Speak

Read on to see what some of Miami's offensive players were saying following Tuesday's practice as the team prepares to take on Florida A&M in their season opener on Saturday.

Kc McDermott, Jr., OL 


On Brad Kaaya and the offensive line’s relationship and overall veteran leadership


“It adds to the overall experience of the offensive line, where we know exactly what we need to do and we hang out with each other outside of the practice field. We do everything together and know that we can trust each other and on game-day we know we won’t let each other down. The other thing is that everyone considers the offensive line to only consist of five people but Brad is technically an offensive lineman because he’s got to make the same reads that we do. So us six, since we have been playing together for three some two years, it’s a huge advantage to have that experience on one side of the ball.” 


On Brad’s command of the huddle and how it has grown

“With confidence, confidence has definitely helped him grow a lot. From the beginning he was a very confident kid coming in and he is a great leader. And like we said he comes in and takes command of the huddle but over the years going from a freshman and starting as a freshman and having a great year and last year having a great year as well he has come in this year with a tremendous level of confidence which has helped him become an even better leader in the huddle.”



Brad Kaaya, Jr., QB.  – August 30, 2016

On his excitement about the season starting Saturday

“It’s a day we’ve all been looking forward to since last December honestly. I’m just eager to get after it with this team and see what we can do and put on film.”


On what’s his mission for this season…

“The mission for me is to win every single game. The plan also of course is to win the Coastal and an ACC Championship. Here at Miami, we’re not going to short sight ourselves of our goals, so that’s the plan for me and the plan for my teammates as well ”


On if this opening game feels any different than previous ones…

“It’s still exciting. The first week it’s always kind of hard to sleep at night, last night I kept dreaming about Saturday. So that feeling of a new season is always there.”


On their opponent Florida A&M…


“We’re prepping pretty hard for them. You know this is Coach Richt’s first game at Miami, so our preparation is just like any other game. We are treating them as if we’re playing the best team on our schedule, that’s every plan and we respect all our opponents and that’s how we take it every single week.”



Braxton Berrios, Jr., WR. – August 30, 2016

On the adversity of the dismissal of two teammates...


“It sucks. The worst part about it is we can’t control it on the outside. Obviously, the people involved can control it. We all really try to do the right thing, we try to watch our every move because we understand we are under a microscope and we understand that those types of things can happen, and honestly it just sucks when they do happen. We can’t do anything about it now, all we can do is rally around each other and move forward.”


On his excitement level for Saturday’s opener…


“We are thrilled. Honestly, I’m tired of talking about it. I’m tired of talking about it, I’m tired of practicing for it, I want it to be Saturday.”


On if there is a ceiling for the team’s offense…


“I don’t think there is one. I think if we do the right things, if we execute, we’ve looked really good out here, and we’ve looked good especially in the past week and a half, we’ve come together, we’ve really meshed and I don’t see a ceiling. It all depends on us, how well we execute, how few penalties we make, how few turnovers we can give them.”

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