Coach Kool Breaks Down D-Line

Read on to see everything defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski was saying following Wednesday's practice.

On game week:
It seems like a normal game week. Guys are ready to play like I am. The stadium is beautiful. I feel like our guys are game ready.


On guys being able to play both DE and DT:
They can all do that. The best four will be on the field. We practice them all over the place.


On Demetrius Jackson:
He’s a great kid. He’s the type of kid you hope your daughter marries. He does the right things in the community and I hope he has a great year. He had a good camp. He’s done well.


On his ability to play the run:
He’s 260 pounds now, he’s physical. I feel like he’s going to be a force both in the run and pass. He changes directions well, and has everything you look for physically. He just needs game experience now.


On Joe Jackson:
He’s pretty good. He’s very physical, has great speed. He has a lot of things a lot of freshmen don’t have in terms of being able to handle things. Bethel has done a nice job too. I’m excited to see what they can do out there.


On trusting the freshmen:
I think they’ll be great. We’ll get to the locker room to see if they’re puking and then go from there. I had a freshman last year tell me he had to throw up before the game. Once you get that first hit, it’s football.


On why Kendrick Norton and RJ McIntosh are ahead of the rest at DT:
They’re really big talented guys and now they’re playing like it. God has given them a lot of talent and it’s between them and me to play that way. They’ve been trustworthy, hard working, and smart. Those are the things you need and they’ve sort of separated themselves.

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