Richt Updates Injuries, Sam Bruce, & More

Read on to see everything head coach Mark Richt was saying following Wednesday's practice.

On Anthony Moten and Courtel Jenkins:
I’d say both are questionable at this point.


On how much they practice special teams:
Every day we do PAT and field goal. We do two sessions of kicking game. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Thursday we do all four phases. We do a 15 minute meeting every day on special teams. I don’t think we’re light on it in terms of time we spend on it.


On the offensive execution vs FAMU:
The numbers were big but when you look at the tape we executed pretty well. We talk about hat placement. Is your quarterback getting you into the right play? It wasn’t all perfect but they did a good job.


On Trent Harris playing with a cast:
All of our guys are gonna go if they’re able. If a guy has an ACL, there isn’t much you can do about it. Something hurting is pretty common with football. Trent will give it a go.


On Malik Rosier’s rushing touchdown:
It was a naked bootleg. He got the end man on the line bit the cheese. They covered it perfectly. There was no one really to pitch it to.  We tell them your first read is to run the ball on that play. He came to run, everyone was covered, and whoever was covered ended up blocking their guy and Malik ran into the endzone.


On Gus Edwards and his TD run:
Thomas Brown does a great job of teaching these guys how to practice. They get conditioned during practice so the games are easier. Gus was probably the freshest man on the field when he got in and it looked that way when he took off.


On how Sam Bruce (who is suspended 2 more games) looks:
He looks great. He works hard and brings a lot of energy. He’s not getting the same reps as the others but when he goes he looks energized. I hope we’ll be integrating him into the plan.  We’ll pick and choose some spots for him and he’ll play.

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