Diaz on Trent Harris, Quan Johnson, & More

Read on to see everything defensive coordinator Manny Diaz was saying following Wednesday's practice.

On his review of the Florida A&M game:
We had a lot of pre-snap problems. It may have been 20 plays into the game that we finally got aligned right. I think our guys settled down from that point on. The team this week will push the envelope even more in terms of tempo. It’s much more difficult if you’re not in winning position before the snap and that will be a focal point in this game.


On Trent Harris returning to action this week:
It still comes down to Trent being a tough guy with a lot of heart and determination. You have to rely on those things when you’re not at 100 percent and that’s where Trent is right now.


On using Jaquan Johnson as a sam linebacker:
Yeah, a lot of it depends on what you’re getting formationally. We prepared him for that last week and didn’t use him but we have to prepare him for everything we’ll see formationally.


On what he liked most about his defensive effort last week:
Our guys played really, really hard. We had effort to the ball. We tackled very well when we got there. When we tackled, many guys appeared. We had plays where all our front guys had an assist. The team this week has a fast tempo. They will try to zap your effort and try to tire you out. That will be a good challenge because they will be one of the fastest tempo teams we’ll see all year.


On having to use lots of players again this Saturday:
We must have a bunch of guys play. We have to pace ourselves. Everyone has a role to play and everyone will have to be prepared to play.

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