DB: "Miami Just Has It"

Orlando (Fla.) Edgewater standout free safety Kenny Ingram has been getting ready for his senior season by playing on both sides of the ball.

"I was just defense last year because my coaches wanted to make sure I knew the plays," Ingram said. "I had so much to learn on defense and plus (Div. 1 receivers) Troy (Washington) and Mike (Walker) were playing receiver. But now I'm going both ways this year."

Ingram said he already has next Friday marked on his calendar.

"We play Seabreeze in the Kickoff Classic," he said. "I can't wait to get a chance to play against Xavier (Lee). That's going to be a big challenge for us but I know we'll be ready."

Ingram, who is bench pressing 270 pounds, has spent the last six months getting his body prepared for the physical part of the game. He's gained nearly 30 pounds since the end of last season.

"I'm up to 208 now," the 6-5 Ingram said. "I wanna get out of here weighing 220 of solid muscle."

Ingram will play free safety and wide receiver this season but hasn't ruled out playing other positions in college.

"Anywhere but the line," he said. "I don't want anyone saying Kenny Ingram and line in the same sentence. I'm not a lineman. I'll play tight end, linebacker, wherever."

When I mentioned to him that Tennessee Titans All-Pro defensive end Jevon Kearse played free safety in high school, he said he's already thought about that.

"My coach and I were talking about that the other day," he said. "He was telling me the same thing. But Kearse, he don't have no hands. I got the hands. You put guys without hands on the line if they're big enough and he's just so athletic that it worked out for him."

Ingram, who says he's running in the 4.49/40 range these days, said the only college recruiting him to play on offense is Southern Cal.

"They're the only one talking about offense," he said. "The rest of them are talkin about defense. My top five right now is Miami, Florida State, USC, Ohio State, and LSU. They all [offered]."

Ingram said he's still high on the Hurricanes.

"Man, Miami's tight," he said. "They always have the best players. They get a lot of kids from south Florida and those cats are athletes. They get a bunch of them every year and they're stockpiled every year with talent. I'm from down there so I know what it's like. Miami just has it. They got what you look for and they're definitely somewhere at the top. I'll take my visits though."

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