Freshman Linebackers Talk

Read on to see what some of Miami's freshman defenders were saying following Tuesday's practice.

Shaq Quarterman

On being prepared to play right away:
The first thing is we come in here with a mindset to keep up the standard. If we’re not doing what we’re supposed to do, playing hard, and stopping the run.

On being on the field as a freshman:
It’s a real blessing. I look up to Jon Beason. Wearing that No. 2, being fast and agile, I have to live up to that standard. Growing up with Pink, we went to each other’s games. We have a chance to do it together now and that’s a testament to our hard work.

On being one of three freshman linebackers:
We would all talk about it together. We said lets go in and make a splash and not just be regular freshmen.

On how he prepared to be in this position:
It just took hard work. We didn’t want any excuses. We had to learn the standard of being a Hurricane. You have to work to it every day. You cant be up and down and consider yourself a Hurricane.

Michael Pinckney

On how he’s improving each week:
We have to trust the coaches and trust we do our assignments and keep working to get better every day.

On starting as a true freshman:
We’ve been committed to Miami since 10th grade. I was telling him in our first game that it’s finally happened. We look around the stands. It was a blessing.

When he knew he’d be a Cane:
I was from Miami. I had a jersey from the womb. I liked Ray Lewis, looked up to Micheal Barrow. I really liked Devin Hester. A bunch of them.

On preparing for App State:
We gotta stay focused. It’s out of town and at noon. We’ve been playing 6 0 clock games so we have less time to prepare. It’ll be on ESPN but we just have to prepare the same way. I have great guys around me. We have to do our jobs. If we do we’ll come out victorious.

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