Tuesday Q&A with Brad Kaaya

Read on to see everything quarterback Brad Kaaya was saying following Tuesday's practice.

On the freshman defenders:
They’re disciplined. They work hard, rally around, and play well together. I’m not surprised at all. They’ve been here since January. We all know what they’re capable of and I expect them to keep getting better every time out.


On App State:
They’re 2-0, 11-1 last year, won their conference. Nothing about them should be taken lightly. They could probably play in every conference. It’s not a team we can take lightly. It’s a legit opponent and we’re treating it the same as we treat Florida State or Georgia Tech.


On guarding against a potential letdown:
At this point, for App State, if they beat us it’s not an upset. No one is treating them like a lower tier opponent. The way I am preparing is the same as going into Tallahassee or Blacksburg.  Everyone else is too.


On the offense so far:
I feel good about things and I’m trying to get better every week. Our running game is working really well right now. We can rely on both passing and running the ball.


On how he prepared to play as a freshman:
At that point I knew Ryan (Williams) tore his ACL so I knew I had to step up. Just coming in and knowing you have to play you have to have a certain mindset and those guys have it.


On his performance vs FAU:
I thought I made good checks and handled my responsibilities well. I just missed on a few passes by a few inches.  I just have to make those passes on game day. I thought we did a good job running the ball.


On the transition to this new offense:
The transition started way back in January. We are 2-0 and put up the most points a Miami team has put up in awhile so I’d say it’s going pretty well.


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