TE/LB: "I used to love Miami"

Whenever you check out a practice at Orlando (Fla.) Evans, you'll see No. 8 playing up to six different positions. At 6-foot-2 1/2 and 215 pounds, Brandon Siler has played running back, fullback, tight end, wide receiver, defensive end, and linebacker during his prep career. He even owns a large trophy that indicates he plays on the offensive line.

"I'm an athlete," Siler said. "I'll play wherever you want me to play. I'll do the same thing in basketball. I just wanna play. I like playing offense because I like touching the rock. On defense, it's on man. You better be ready for punishment."

Siler is now one of the state's top prospects, mainly on the defensive side of the ball.

"Mostly everyone tells me they like me as a linebacker," he said. "It doesn't matter to me. Like I said, I'll play anywhere."

Siler has numerous offers but lists a few schools at the top of his current list.

"USC's No. 1 right now," he said. "Pete Carroll stood on the sidelines of my spring jamboree. He had a chance to go see any linebacker in the country and he came to see me, Keith (Rivers), and Kenny (Ingram). He told us that he only wants the best players in the country and that's why he came to see us. That meant a lot and the distance thing doesn't bother me. I travel a lot with my AAU basketball team. They want to have Keith play the middle and me play the outside."

Siler then talked about some of the schools currently trailing the Trojans.

"Notre Dame is right there too but they haven't sent me an offer yet," he said. "I think they will though. I looked at their linebacker depth chart and I couldn't believe the opportunity there for an incoming freshman next year. I'll beat out anyone you put in front of me that's my same age so I think that's a good thing there. Florida, Miami, and Ohio State are in there too."

The talented athlete said the Hurricanes were a longtime favorite of his.

"I used to love Miami," he said. "I haven't really watched much football up until now but Miami was always my team. But things change."

Siler talked about why things may have changed with the Hurricanes.

"Their coach didn't seem overly interested in me in the spring," he said. "Miami hasn't sent me an offer yet either. They're tight on their offers though and I can understand that. Another thing about Miami is they have Heisman Trophy candidates sitting on the bench. If Frank Gore hadn't injured his knee last year, Willis McGahee would still be on the bench as a backup. He got a chance to play and should have won the Heisman. That's crazy."

Having said that, Siler said he still would probably get pretty excited over an offer from UM.

"Here I am saying all of this and now watch me go to Miami," he said. "For real though I might go there as a tight end. I'm about 6-3 now. My real daddy's 6-5 and I'm not even 18 yet. I might leave Evans at 6-4 and I can put on some weight to be 240-245."

Siler said he'll have plenty of chances to watch all of his top choices in person this fall.

"Everyone's starting to send me the info for tickets," he said. "I'll probably check out the top games in-state this year. I'm not sure about my visits yet but USC will be one of them and probably Notre Dame too."

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