FSU: Full Game Analysis

Miami lost to Florida State by the score of 20-19 last night. Read on for a full game analysis from CanesTime's Mike Bakas.

* Major disappointment. There's no other way to spin it. This is UM's biggest rival. They were playing them at home and against a freshman quarterback. UM has one of the nation's most talented players at QB. This is the worst FSU team in many years. Their best defensive player (Derwin James) did not play because of injury. All signs were pointing to this being the year UM snaps the streak. Instead, UM (primarily, offensively) turned in a very lackluster performance. 

* I like Mark Richt. He's been the play-caller on some incredibly productive offenses during his career. However, it's been several years since he's done it and obviously the game has changed a lot in that time. I've made this comment before and I'll make it again after this game -- would there be some rust that needed to be knocked off? The reason I ask is because he was clearly outcoached by an FSU defensive staff that was getting hammered by everyone they played. Ole Miss, Louisville, and UNC's offensive play-callers made people in Tallahassee want FSU DC Charles Kelly gone. After playing against Richt and Miami, those same people love him today. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come this season. If it is, it's going to raise the question of whether Richt needs to hire a full-time OC. It is just one poor performance and I get that but the sample size is very limited right now so it's a legitimate concern.

* After two strong performance against App State and Ga Tech on the road, I expected Kaaya to have a huge game against FSU at home. He tore up a much more talented defense on the road the last time he played these guys so it made sense. Instead, he turned in a very average performance. Sure, there were some drops. Sure, the pass protection was poor at times. Sure, Richt did not put together a good game plan. However, Brad is typically better than what he showed and it came in such a big stage. The interception in the endzone was horrendous. To his credit, however, he brought them back on the 2-minute touchdown drive and if this game had gone to overtime, who knows what could have happened.

* UM sure could use a Duke Johnson or Lamar Miller right now. They have a couple talented running backs now but there's a big difference between what UM had at the position from 2011-2014 and what they have now. What does UMs staff feel about Gus Edwards? In the first big test of the season, he didn't see the field. Lets hope Travis Homer can be an impact player.

* I've mentioned after the last few games that UM's lack of playmakers on the perimeter will catch up to them at some point. It did in this game. Stacy Coley is elite. He's a great player. He'll make lots of money playing on Sundays. He will do his thing regardless of the opponent. Ahmmon Richards is a baller and has a very bright future. He'll have his moments, like he did against FSU. However, beyond that it's very limited. Lawrence Cager and Sam Bruce are really missed right now. 

* As good as Miami's tight ends are, they were way too quiet last night. Strangely, they were rarely even targeted. They've proven for two years that when given chances they'll make plays in the passing game. They offered mismatches for UM's offense last night, and for whatever reason, they were unable to make a difference. Think about this -- 2 future NFL tight ends averaged 0.8 yards per attempt in this game. Yikes. I'm glad Larry Coker wanted to utilize his tight ends as much as he did, especially Jeremy Shockey in the 2000 FSU game.

* The offensive line is a mess right now. The starting unit is really struggling and only one player off the bench of seeing playing time, which doesn't bode well for depth. I said it before, I think Art Kehoe is a better O-Line coach than Stacy Searels. Lets hope this group improves, and does so quickly.

* I like a lot of what I saw on defense. Sure, they gave up over 400 yards but more than half of those came from Dalvin Cook, who is one of the best running backs college football's had in many years. He's a truly elite player and he'll get his yards against anyone. The worst defensive play of the night came on Cook's long touchdown reception. UM didn't even challenge him on that play.

* One issue the defense had was not being able to get off the field on money downs. That was a staple of the Golden/D'Onofrio era. FSU was 9-of-18. I believe they made 5 straight at one point in the third quarter. 9-of-18 won't get it done against most teams, let alone one as talented as FSU.

* The D-Line is getting off blocks better than they have in a long time. Look at how many batted passes there were. That's good teaching, I think, and Craig Kuligowski is the major reason for it. Quan Muhammad's ability to get after the QB would have really helped last night. 

* Like with Muhammad, Jermaine Grace's presence at MLB would have been huge in this game. The trio of freshmen are very good though.

* Corn Elder is the real deal and he played a very good game. The quality of play on the other side hasn't been real good. I hope Mike Rumph is the answer as CBs coach but time will tell.

* Bring on UNC!

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