TE Has Change Of Heart

The University of Miami was involved in two heated recruiting battles for tight end prospects last year. Louis Irizarry and Greg Olsen both strongly considered the Hurricanes before picking Ohio State and Notre Dame, respectively.

"I signed with Notre Dame in February because I thought it would be the best situation for me and my family since my brother Chris was there already," Olsen said. "I was real excited to start my career there this fall but then some things happened."

Olsen said he's not ready to discuss what went wrong between Notre Dame and his brother.

"Things didn't work out for Chris there (at Notre Dame)," he said. "I'd rather not talk about those issues right now. Notre Dame's a nice place but things didn't work out for us. I just want to get settled in somewhere else."

Olsen talked about the new options that have opened up for the two of them.

"Chris is actually at the University of Virginia right now," he said. "He has transferred there. As for me, I'll most likely be going to Miami. When I chose Notre Dame last year, Miami was right there the whole time."

The talented tight end, who goes 6-6 and 235 pounds, has had several positive experiences with the Hurricanes in the past.

"I went to camp two years in a row there and I really liked it," he said. "I also took an official visit there so I've met the players and coaches and that type of stuff."

Olsen plans on making the transfer official sometime later this week. However, he's not able to communicate with the UM coaches until things get squared away at Notre Dame.

"I got my release papers from Notre Dame today and that's actually getting taken care of right now," he said. "Hopefully it won't take long (for the official release to take place). When that happens, I'll start communicating with Miami about coming there. Until I'm officially released from Notre Dame, I'm not able to talk to their coaches. Like I said, hopefully I'll be able to do that within the next couple days."

Olsen, who says he will play tight end in college after playing on both sides of the ball in high school, said he's excited about becoming a Hurricane.

"They have a great program," he said. "I really liked Miami from the beginning (last year) and I'd be happy. I'm hoping to start there sometime this week."

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