UM Players Talk Duke

Read on to see what several Hurricane players are saying a few days before they take on Duke.

Jamal Carter, Sr., Sr., DB

On is it’s an emotional week for him

“Most likely it is. I am going to miss playing with the young bucks, the freshmen. I’m going to miss playing with the guys I came in with. I’m going to miss all the guys. I’m just going to make the best of this week.”


On what it means to be a Hurricane

“Everything. Just putting on for our city. All the legends that came through here set a high standard and we are just trying to uphold that and keep the city on the map.”


On what he will feel in his final game

“It’s going to be crazy. A lot of emotions. I’m just going to try to keep my composure, stay focused on the game and get the W.”


Stacy Coley, Sr., WR

On if his decision to come back was worth it

“Most definitely. For one, just finishing my school year and education and having another year with my teammates.”


On how much it means to get his degree

“It means a lot. It means a lot to me and my family, especially my mom.”


On Duke and if they’re overlooking them

“No. We’re going to treat them as if they are undefeated. We’re going to out there and play our game.”


Standish Dobard, Sr., TE

On his college career coming to an end

“I’m going to miss it a lot. I’m going to miss being around the players, being around the building. It’s going to be tough.”


On what he’s thankful for regarding the football program

“I’m just thankful for the guys. Having these guys around is like having a different family. I’m just so thankful to be around and be able to play with these guys.”


On what he learned from the new staff

“I learned a lot of new things from Coach Kool. He’s been teaching me a lot of new things on defense.”


Alex Gall, Sr., OL

On if his time at Miami has gone by fast

“It has gone by fast. It feels like everyone often says ‘oh it feels like I was just a freshman yesterday’ and it really does feel like that. I’m just excited for Senior Day, seeing those people over the years being seniors and get the chance to go out there with their families and play their last game and now having my chance to do that.”


On what he’s thankful for regarding the football program

“I’m thankful for a great group of offensive linemen, having a great team around me and the coaches that we got here are unbelievable. I got really lucky to have them, even though it was only for one year.”


Danny Isidora, Sr., OL

On if his time at Miami has gone fast by you

“Of course. People always talk about however many starts I have, I’m not counting. It’s just gone by so fast and it’s already my Senior Day. It’s awesome.”


On what he’s thankful for regarding the football team

“I’m just thankful that everyone comes out to work for Coach Richt, he’s an awesome coach. I’m also thankful for Coach Searls, he’s made me a better player, he’s just an awesome coach.”

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