Q&A with Rayshawn Jenkins

Read on to see what senior safety Rayshawn Jenkins is saying a few days before he plays his final home game ever as a Hurricane.

Rayshawn Jenkins, Sr., DB

On if he feels this has been his best year

“Yes, mainly because of my coaching. I feel like they held me to a standard and they took me places where I didn’t think I could take myself. They just constantly pushed me every day and then they made me teach the younger guys. I feel like I had a bigger role this year, so I do feel like I had my best year.”


On if any all-star games have reached out to him yet

“I had the NFLPA [Collegiate Bowl] invite. I’m waiting on the other two.”


On if he feels like he put enough on tape this year to get drafted

“Definitely. I feel like I have. I feel like my coaches made me do that. They made a big point. They told me I needed to put some good film together and they said I have, and I believe I have also. So, I do believe that there is enough.”


On the future of the Miami program and what needs to happen from a player’s standpoint, moving forward

“In my opinion, everyone [needs to] keep doing what they’re doing. This is the best I’ve seen it since I’ve been here. I feel like if everyone keeps on the same path, they can do whatever they want. They can compete for national championships, ACC championships and just get this place back to where it used to be.”


On what makes it the best he has since it

“Just the atmosphere of the place. The players love being here. We like being around the coaches. We feel like we are getting taught a lot. So, it’s just overall a better atmosphere to be around.”

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