Northwestern Dominant Over Dillard

When the Bulls from Northwestern and Dillard got together in a pre season Jamboree the star and MVP of the game was the smallest guy on the field. The Pocket Rocket from Northwestern had touchdown runs of 30 yards and another for 22 yards.

For the night Terry Perry rushed for over 130 yards as to go along with his pair of touchdowns. Perry helped lead the Bulls to a 27-0 shutout over Dillard. After the game caught up with Perry and here is what he had to say. "I wanted to prove that I am one of the best running backs in South Florida this year," he said. Even though Perry is 5-foot-7 and barely 150 pounds he showed his toughness on almost every carry. By the end of the game he had worn the Dillard defense down. He was helped by an offensive line that dominated the line of scrimmage towards the end of the game.

The other player that stood out for the Bulls offense was wide receiver Khalill Hill. He did his most damage on the ground. Hill had 3 reverses for over 30 yards. He was also wide open in the end zone but his quarterback over through the football. At 6-foot-2 and over 200 pounds it's easy to see why Hill is one of the premier receivers in Dade County this season.

On defense the Bulls had stars all over the field. The brightest star was cornerback Trevor Ford. He was matched up against Kelvin Chandler and the Dillard star receiver was unable to get open with Ford covering him. At the end of the game Ford was even talking smack to the Dillard receiver. We asked Ford what he was saying, "I was just telling him that he was not going to get open." Overall Ford was helped out by a very good pass rush that would not allow the Dillard quarterback enough time to find Chandler open.

One last standout for the Bulls defense was defensive end Dustin Foster. The junior defensive end had 2 sacks and was harassing the Dillard quarterback all night long. He is defiantly a player to watch out for in 2005.

For Dillard the MVP of their defense was Vernon Smith. The former North Lauderdale Academy star had 8 tackles, 1 fumble recovery and 1 force fumble. On a couple of tackles Smith laid the wood. He showed why he is one of the top linebackers in the state of Florida this year. Another linebacker that stood out for Dillard was Elijah Hodge. He helped out with nine tackles as well.

Along the defensive line two players that stood out for Dillard were Pat Sims and Charles Dees. Sims lined up at defensive end and recorded 4 tackles and a pass break up. He was also in the Northwestern backfield on numerous occasions. Dees is a 6-foot-4, 300 pound defensive tackle that was most impressive. What is scary is that Dees is only a sophomore for the Dillard football team.

On offense the Dillard line was unable to keep the Bulls defensive line from blowing up plays all night long. The only player on the Dillard offense that did anything was wide receiver Kelvin Chandler. His biggest play of the night came on a 50 yard fly route where he blew by the cornerback. Chandler used his size and speed to get the advantage over the Bulls cornerback. Trevor Ford was not covering Chandler on the long reception. On the night Chandler finished with 3 receptions for over 60 yards. He was wide open a few other times that could have been touchdowns.

Overall the game started off sloppy by both teams but turned in the Bulls favor halfway through the second quarter. Northwestern dominated the second half and look like a team that was ready for the upcoming season to start. With the season only a week away the Bulls are defiantly a team that could make a run deep into the playoff. Dillard on the other hand needs to work on some things for them to return the playoffs in 2003.

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