WR Will Visit UM

Stockton (Calif.) Edison standout wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins recently found out that he'll be one of the two starting receivers - along with Cameron Colvin - for the CaliFlorida Bowl in January.

"Make sure you get the best defensive backs you can possibly find in Florida to play because that's what it's gonna take," Hawkins said. "We destroyed Florida last year and we're gonna do it again this year. There aint no DB's in that state that can cover me and Cameron. Tell 'em that too, maybe it'll fire them up some because they'll need it."

At 5-foot-10 and 170 pounds, Hawkins can't wait for the season to start.

"Man, I'm sick and tired of waiting," he said. "It's time to put the pads on and start hitting someone else on another team. I'll be playing everywhere -- quarterback, wide receiver, free safety, you name it and I'll be playing it at some point. It's my senior year."

The last time I spoke to Hawkins, he had just returned home from Miami's summer camp. He exchanged numbers with Early Doucet there and had a chance to talk to him on Sunday night.

"I talked to Early last night," he said. "He was just chillin. They had practice this morning. We was talkin about taking our visits together. I'll definitely be going to Miami, LSU, and Tennessee and I think he'll be going on them too. Cameron, I talk to him all the time and we want to take our Miami visit together."

Colvin and Doucet previously listed offers from Miami and now Hawkins does.

"It's not like I've gotten anything in the mail or anything but I talked to Coach CJ (today) and he said 'if you want to come to Miami then you'll have a spot' and I told him that Miami's definitely near the top. I'm not ready to make a commitment or anything yet but if I wanna go to Miami, I'll be able to."

The talented receiver recapped his conversation with Coach Johnson.

"We was just talkin about how practice has been going for me and them," he said. "I told him I'll be taking a visit there and stuff like that. He's tight."

Hawkins, who also spoke to a coach from Tennessee on Monday, said he's not sure about his other two visits yet.

"The other two spots are still up in the air but I might not need them," he said.

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