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Here are some player quotes from the Tuesday press conference. Quotes from Thomas Carroll, Roscoe Parrish, Kellen Winslow, Kevin Beard and Joel Rodriguez.

Defensive End Thomas Carroll

Whoever the Quarterback is they are probably going to be relatively inexperienced, is that a good thing for you guys?

"They aren't going to have the pocket presence of other quarterbacks and hopefully we will get a couple more sacks. It really doesn't matter who plays quarterback because we are going to come at them the same way."

You guys had three sacks last week, how many should you have had?

"We should have had at least 10."

How much does it help to have past players to come back and work out with you over the summer?

"It is a big advantage. I worked out with Ed Reed and Phillip Buchanon over the summer, and it is very beneficial. It is great for guys like Michael Barrow to be around a lot and work with us during drills."

Florida Gators, Under the Lights, the Orange Bowl, the crowd, what does this game mean to you?

"This is primetime football. This is why you sign up for college football."

Flanker Roscoe Parrish

"I think we just work hard and everything happens for a reason. You have to take advantage of every opportunity at the University of Miami because there is another man behind you who can do the same thing."

"This game is a state game, you got to play with pride. This can determine the season, and it means more because I know some friends at Florida. We all know other players on their team, and that makes it a bigger game."

Tight End Kellen Winslow

Is it a little early for Heisman poses?

"Yes, it was. I should not have done that. I wasn't trying to say that I am the Heisman winner, I was just having fun. People made a big deal about it, and I was just making fun that I am even considered as a candidate. I am not going to win the Heisman. It is a running back/quarterback award, guys like Frank Gore and Eli Manning are going to win."

Talk about Brock, his decision-making, and how he runs the offense.

"We're comfortable with him as a leader, and he's a real smart quarterback. He's capable of throwing to all of our routes, 5-yard out, 10-yard in, slants. He's a focused guy, and he can't wait for this game."

What's the difference between the team's mindset going into this game as compared to last year's game?

"Well, we're at home and this is our house. We just want to win the game. It's going to be a lot more fun for us, coming out of the smoke. It's going to be a war, and we will be ready."

What do you think about Ryan Moore?

"He is a great talented guy, like a Reggie Wayne. He is not the fastest guy, but he's a playmaker. He is going to make plays and if they double-team me, which they won't due, because of the defense they run, he could have an explosive game. I think Frank Gore will have a big day, and we are going to beat them up front. The game is won on the lines and I think we will beat them there. Frank has recovered mentally from his knee injury and that will be a big help this weekend."

Split End Kevin Beard

Are you excited that the game is finally here?

"Yes, I am very excited. This is going to be a great game, 8pm, whole nation watching we are ready to play."

You have been here a while, how deep is this rivalry?

"It is real big, it goes back into the 80's with Michael Irvin. They showed us film, to relive that fire and rivalry they had then. We have to put our own mark on it, and that's what we have to do."

How's your knee?

"It feels really good. I am not wearing the brace anymore. I am not favoring it, and not thinking about it. I am back to my old self."

Do the comments Florida is making about Brock Berlin, does that pump up the offense?

"We leave the talking to them, the game is played in between the lines. All that talk will fade to reality on Saturday. We're not even thinking about a loss, it would leave a bad taste in our mouths. We don't want that feeling, so we are going to go out and play as hard as we can."

How are the younger receivers doing, like Ryan Moore?

"He's going to be one of the next great wide receivers here at UM. I told our guys that the freshmen would be able to pick us up, and I think they are playing well. I think he reminds me a little of Reggie Wayne. The way he plays, the way he runs his routes, the way he catches the ball and the fire that he has in him."

What do you think the game being at night will do for the team?

"You don't have to play in the sun, so there is a little more energy that we can play with. The atmosphere of a night game is exciting, we are the only game on and all eyes are going to be on us. We can't wait for Saturday to come and we are ready."

Joel Rodriguez

Bragging Rights.

"Bragging rights is huge, and Coach Coker made that very clear to us. This is going to be our last chance for everyone on the team to play the Gators barring a bowl game. It's a big in-state rivalry, and you don't want them to get the bragging rights. This isn't like a Florida State or Virginia Tech game where if you don't play well, or god forbid you lose, you can't say we will get them back next year. This is it, if we lose this game, then we lose bragging rights for the next 6 or 7 years until we play them again. No one wants to deal with that."

Did the Offensive line take offense to Shannon Snell's comments?

"I guess you can say that. The comments that he made are the same comments everyone else makes other weeks, it is just that it is a little more heightened since it is Miami versus Florida. I don't personally take them to heart, I know Shannon very well. I know he wants to go out there and win just like I do, and I hope the best team wins on Saturday."

Do you think they look at like if we beat Miami then Florida is back?

"I think everyone thinks that way when they play us. We are the measuring stick for everyone, they throw the kitchen sink at as far as their playbook and defense goes. If they beat us that puts them on the map. We need to bring our A-game because they are bringing their A-game for us."

Can you dominate the line and control the ball like you did last year, considering the injuries and inexperience this year?

It is going to be harder this year, because of the injuries and the inexperience, some guys in new positions and others making their first big-game start. If we can remain poised we will win. Big games tend to go back and forth, because they have great players who will score and we will have big plays. If we can just stay focused and poised, trust our system and our play calling, go out and execute we should play well."

What makes this game more special than most other games?

"Half of the players on the roster, I either played with them or against them in high school. There is so much talking, and that makes it more fun and intense. You don't want to lose this kind of game for so many reasons."

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