Williams Has Motivation

When Miami (Fla.) Carol City standout linebacker Willie Williams was recently informed about the state's decision to ban him from playing this season, he wasn't as upset as some might think.

"I was mad at first but then I got over it," Williams said. "The thing people need to understand is what this is going to do to me. I'm gonna go crazy when I start college. It's going to be a major build up inside of me and whenever I can play again, I feel sorry for the person with the ball."

Williams, at 6-2 1/2 and 229 right now, said he uses some of that motivation inside the weight room every day.

"Whenever I'm in the gym, I go crazy," he said. "I pretend the weights were the people who told me I can't play this year."

The talented linebacker, who plans on playing in the CaliFlorida Bowl in January as his next on-field performance, is still among the nation's most heavily recruited players. He said things haven't changed much.

"That (recruiting) stuff is keeping me a little busy," he said. "I still like UM, Florida State, all of them. It'll be a tough decision."

One of the first phone calls he got this month was from UM head coach Larry Coker.

"We talked about different things," he said. "I let him know that I'm very interested. That's UM. I watched the game the other night and saw a lot of freshmen playing. Jon Beason, all those guys."

Williams plans on attending the Florida game this weekend.

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