Q&A with Malik Rosier

Read on to see everything quarterback Malik Rosier was saying following Saturday's practice.

Malik Rosier, R-Jr., Quarterback

On his exploits in the weight room…

I mean [director of strength and conditioning] coach Gus [Felder] is doing a great job, so is [director of football nutrition and performance] Kyle [Bellamy], with our body composition. That is like a big thing, because I think I might gain one pound, if that. But the thing about it is my body fat has been tremendously going down. And they are doing a good job of giving us fruits, giving us smoothies, giving us Muscle Milk after we work out, making sure we get that protein back in our system. So we can build muscle and cut fat down. The weight room is going great, even for all the quarterbacks, [redshirt freshman quarterback] Jack’s [Allison] gained weight, Evan’s [Shirreffs] gained weight, [freshman quarterback] Cade [Weldon] is coming along. They are doing a great job in the weight room with us.”


On getting some reps at the No. 1…

“I mean, it has something to do with trust, and it also just has to with me being older than everybody else. That gave me that leeway to go with [junior running back] Mark [Walton], to go with the ones. I mean, Evan [Shirreffs] has been in there to a lot, Evan is throwing to Ahmmon [Richards], too. It is just a quick rotation we are doing right now, but I think they kind of trust me because I did win the one spot last year and just being older right now.”


On Cade Weldon…

“He is good, he is coming along. He gets so frustrated, because he was like me in the spring [last year]. Struggling just couldn’t get it. The defense is moving so fast. The offense, you are trying to learn it, is so fast. Like I told him, just take it one play at a time. If you don’t know, back up, wait a second. If they yell at you and scream and shout, that’s good. But as long as you know what you are doing before every snap that’s the biggest thing he needs to learn. And honestly once he figures out what he is doing, he is doing a great job. He is completing balls, he is going through the right reads, checking to the right guys. Weldon is coming along very well.

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