In-State Safety Favors UM

One of the state's top defensive back prospects says he's currently leaning toward Miami. The standout talks about how close he is to committing, which schools he'll visit, and how his season is going thus far. "It would be Miami," he said when asked if signing day were tomorrow. All of that is included in this interview.

At 6-foot-2 and 190 pounds, Chasio Thomas was the best safety I watched all spring. He ran a 4.46 on grass with tennis shoes on at the NIKE Camp. On track, he's a legit 4.38 or 4.39 kid right now. In fact, as a junior he won the state championship in the 200m. That's at 6-2 and 180 pounds. Now he's 190 and having an excellent senior season. Inside the classroom, he carries a 2.3 GPA and hasn't taken the test yet (editor's note: Thomas has already passed both sections of the HSCT).

Which schools have been calling you this month: Wake Forest, Miami, Central Florida, and South Florida. My mom says I miss a lot of calls, too. Most of the coaches call my coach to talk (editor's note: Thomas is never home. I've been trying to reach him since May and just now got ahold of him, so I can imagine how tough it is for college coaches to reach him at home).

Which schools have sent you scholarship offers in the mail: None yet. They all talk about me getting my test score before they offer me.

Who are your favorite schools right now: Miami, Central Florida, South Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and Auburn.

If signing day were tomorrow, what's it looking like: It would be Miami.

Talk about Miami: I really like that school a lot. They're close, you know. They've been recruiting me and have been asking for a visit. If they offer me, I'd probably commit.

Personally, I love Thomas as a prospect. He's a Top 10 kid in the state in my opinion and I've felt that way since the spring. If he gets a solid test score (takes it next month), I think he'll get a lot of offers, perhaps including one from Miami. Stay tuned.

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