Thursday Q&A with Coach Kool

Read on to see everything defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski was saying following Thursday's practice.

Craig Kuligowski, Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Line

On his overall assessment of the defensive line at the start of spring practices…

“I’ve been pretty pleased. In terms of hard work and effort, it has been there. I think that we are getting a little bit better at the techniques. I think that the kids are going to try and be a little more physical on the line this year than we were last year. And I think guys are embracing that. I think we have an excellent group here. Hopefully this will be something special.”


On the secondary…

“Anytime, if it gets to them, we didn’t make the play. Hopefully we can make it easier, a lot easier on those guys in terms of coverage, timing and tackling. But we have full confidence in our guys in the back end.”


On how a good secondary makes the job easier on the defensive line…

“If they cover the guys in the first three, four seconds, that means we can get to the quarterback. If they get enough blockers on us and it bounces out to them, then they have to make the play. But I think we have been working together well as a unit. I feel good about the fact that we are doing the same thing for the second year in a row. So these guys now, they aren’t coming out here like this time last year when we were trying to figure out where we line up, how we line up, we are trying to figure out which guys are best at which position. Now we have everybody returning in a spot where we want them. So it has been a good offseason, too.”


On having a veteran group, what he is expressing to them…

“Greatness, every day. The standard is high. We need to get to the standard. We want to be the best defensive line in the country, not just a darn good one or one of the best ones we have had. No, the best in the country. However we are going to measure that, that is what our goal is going to be every week.”


On the incoming freshmen:
I'm really excited about all three guys we signed this year and they can all impact our depth. We knew (Jon) Garvin was a big, tall, athletic guy when we recruited him. Now that we see him out here, we know it. His first five practices were as good as I've ever seen for a freshman. 

On Pat Bethel playing defensive tackle lately:
I think he has a chance to make that his home. He's going up. Once he committed in his mind that he wanted to do it, his weight has been going up and up. He's doing well.

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