Spring Football Report: April 13

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – It’s the days like this, three weeks into spring ball under the blazing South Florida sun, that might start to get repetitive to some teams.


But it’s days like this where lessons are learned, plays are made and bonds are created. It’s days like this at Greentree that eventually pay off in the fall.


The Hurricanes held a spirited practice Thursday – their 11th session of the spring -- as they readied for the team’s second scrimmage this Saturday. Speaking for the first time since the team’s first scrimmage, Miami’s coordinators noted that there were positives and negatives to take away from last Saturday.


“Yeah, and it’s like anything else, there is always good plays and bad plays,” defensive coordinator Manny Diaz said. “But I thought overall, No. 1 the thing you evaluate in a scrimmage is tackling, because we don’t get to tackle to the ground all that often. We tackled very well, there was not a lot of yards after contact, those type things. That’s good, we don’t get a lot of chances to do that.


“And the fact that we tackled, makes you hard to score on. You try not to give up big plays and get the ball on the ground. Run defense did a good job too, so there was a lot of positive takeaways and then certainly a bunch of things that we still were not quite pleased with.”


Offensive coordinator Thomas Brown liked what he saw from his first unit up front, although there were some missed assignments.


“The first unit I thought was pretty good,” Brown said. “Again, it just comes down to one or two guys, either using bad technique, going the wrong way or having some missed assignments.


“Obviously, depth is an issue behind the first guys we had, the first five guys. There just needs to be more competition. So thankfully, we have some guys coming in during the summer time to add to it, and hopefully push those guys to be better or beat them out.” 


Brown was also encouraged with how his quarterbacks performed.


“I thought it was really good,” he said. “I would say with (Evan) Shirreffs and Malik (Rosier), mostly Shirreffs to see him stand in the pocket and take some shots. And be able to take charge and be in command and be poised and not be rattled.


“Obviously, Malik did some really good things with the ball in his hands, as well. (He was) able to make some really good decisions and also move around the pocket well. But just being consistent every single day is going to be the key to that spot.” 


And as Miami wrapped up another productive day at Greentree, Brown reflected on where he thinks this program is headed.


“Obviously, Miami is a very attractive place,” he said.  “I am not from here. I am from Georgia. But Miami (was) my favorite school growing up, my entire life. Watching Miami play -- and I am not saying that just because I am here -- you guys can ask anybody who has known me for years. If you look on my walls from when I was a kid, it was Miami Hurricane gear just because it was the best players in America (who) came to Miami. And every single week they lined up and gave you their all.


“And if you beat them, which was rare, you didn’t want to play them a second time.”


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