Q&A with Thomas Brown

Read on to see what co-offensive coordinator Thomas Brown was saying following Thursday's practice.

Thomas Brown, Offensive Coordinator/Running Backs Coach

On the offensive line…
“The first unit I thought was pretty good. Again, it just comes down to one or two guys, either using bad technique, going the wrong way or having some missed assignments. Just the self-inflicted wounds that we have to able to stop. Obviously, depth is an issue behind the first guys we had, the first five guys. There just needs to be more competition. So thankfully, we have some guys coming in during the summer time to add to it, and hopefully push those guys to be better or beat them out. It was solid overall, but we have a long ways to go.” 


On the quarterbacks…
“I thought it was really good. I would say with [Evan] Shirreffs and Malik [Rosier], mostly Shirreffs to see him stand in the pocket and take some shots. And be able to take charge and be in command and be poised and not be rattled. Obviously Malik did some really good things with the ball in his hands, as well. Able to make some really good decisions and also move around the pocket well. But just being consistent every single day is going to be the key to that spot.”


On this program…
“Obviously, Miami is a very attractive place. I am not from here. I am from Georgia, but Miami was my favorite school growing up. My entire life I was watching Miami play, and I am not saying that just because I am here. You guys can ask anybody who has known me for years. If you look on my walls from when I was a kid, it was Miami Hurricane gear just because it was the best players in America came to Miami, and every single week they lined up and gave you their all. And if you beat them, which was rare, you didn’t want to play them a second time. I think just being able to bring that mindset back to many of these local guys from Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, but also the best around the country, that Miami is still on top and has a chance to be great. And those guys that come here, we will continue to coach them up and we will have a chance to be what Miami should be, which is great.” 

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