Q&A with Braxton Berrios

Read on to see what senior wide receiver Braxton Berrios was saying following Thursday's practice.

Braxton Berrios, Sr., Wide Receiver
On sophomore quarterback Evan Shirreffs…
“He has done a lot well. He has done a lot to impress, not just me, but I think everybody here. He has really stepping up taking a leadership role, especially when he gets in at QB. Every day quarterback things. His timing, his rhythms seem to be better, his drops, I mean his accuracy. He is just really molding himself into a really good QB, right now.”


On redshirt junior Malik Rosier…
“Same thing to be honest. He again is taking more of a leadership role, especially when he is thrown in with the ones. And I think you will see that from Evan, Malik and whoever gets thrown in with the ones. I think there is an aura with it, that you have to step up and you have to lead the team at this point and time. And they do it with the two’s and stuff when they rotate but I think it is a little bit harder. And we will see that going deep into fall camp. But Malik and Evan, they are both really becoming better QBs. They both realize that they are not backing up anybody this year, as of now. It is their job to win and it is nobody’s job to lose at this point in time.” 


On being a veteran receiver, and helping the quarterbacks…
“We have to be consistent on everything we do. If we do something different, it throws them off and makes one of them look bad. So we have to do our job just like any other player, any other game. But we have to be consistent in what we do. As far as timing, speed of routes, not taking too much time at the line. Like all these little intricate things that people don’t think is a huge deal. It is a huge deal to those QBs that are battling for that QB1 position.”

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