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Q&A with Malik Rosier

Read on to see everything quarterback Malik Rosier is saying about spring, the quarterback competition, and more.

Malik Rosier, R-Jr., Quarterbabck
On improvements he has made…
“For me, the big one was just having a shorter compact release. It is one thing that every quarterback wants to have the shortest, smoothest, most compact release you can have. So that is one thing I have been focusing on. Another thing is just making sure that the guys know their routes. Because sometimes you’ll see confusion, so you have got to help them out in it. And a big thing for me is leading. Just showing the guys that when I am out there that I am the guy, that I can make every play, I can make every throw, make every read. So that was the biggest thing for me, showing I can lead them.”


On how he has done this spring…

“I feel like I have done really good. Getting timing better with [sophomore wide receiver] Ahmmon [Richards], getting timing better with [senior wide receiver] Braxton [Berrios]. Those guys are fast, and if you underthrow them or throw it a little too late, it is a pick because they are blowing by guys. So for me that is the biggest thing, just finding a rhythm with them, finding a rhythm with the center, finding a rhythm with the running backs, [junior running back] Mark, [Walton] the different backs are different. So just getting to know them. Because everyone is different when they run routes. Everyone is different when we hand the ball off to them; different heights between him [Walton], [redshirt junior running back Trayone Gray] and [sophomore running back] Travis [Homer]. That is the biggest thing to me.” 


On how the quarterbacks have performed…
“I mean, like [head] coach [Mark] Richt said, there has been moments to where, like you have seen [sophomore quarterback] Evan [Shirreffs] throwing an amazing ball. You’ve seen [redshirt freshman quarterback] Jack [Allison] throw an amazing ball. You’ve seen [freshman quarterback] Cade [Weldon] just do phenomenal. And then there’s times to where we just completely busted. So it is one of those things for coach Richt and even for us as a quarterback staff, we have got to be more consistent and we got to show him that every play that we are going to do the right thing, every time, no matter what coverage or defense they are going to show us. And that is what he wants to see, and that is one thing that all of us have to improve on. There are times where everybody looks like the starting quarterback and there are times that they shouldn’t even be here at Miami. So it’s one of those things, we have to make sure that every time we step on the field, we are the starting quarterback. That is the biggest thing we need to improve on as a quarterback group.”

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