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Spring Scrimmage: Mark Richt Q&A

Read on to see what head coach Mark Richt was saying following today's spring scrimmage.

Head Coach Mark Richt – Spring Practice Transcript – April 22, 2017


Opening Statement:

“It was very nice to be here at Boca Raton Community High School, home of the fighting Bobcats. I had some wonderful moments out here as a player. Great team. As a matter of fact, I ran into about four or five teammates before the game today and we all looked a little bit different. But everybody has got the same smile, same friendship, same bonds, so that was a blessing to see all those guys.”


“You know, today I mean it was a good day in that you got to learn so much. There was a lot of plays that were made, a lot of plays that could have been made offensively. Defense, early on was dominant and then before you know it they are giving up some big plays here and there, which we can’t do. We have to keep our focus the whole time. I cut down the time of the game in the second half a little bit, just to get the number of plays right. We had almost 40 plays apiece in the first half. I wasn’t looking for a total of 80, I was looking for more like 60 apiece, so I adjusted the clock a little bit. You know, a little disappointing, the offense, the No. 1 offense had a shot to at least tie the game at the very end. Four down zone. And of course took a sack, which we don’t like. And we just couldn’t put the ball in the endzone to try and tie it. We would have stopped, probably, anyway. But anyway a lot of good things and a lot of not so good. I know I was a little upset that there was a few things offensively, as far as just getting lined up. And it’s young guys, but we have been doing this stuff the whole spring. We just got to know where to line up to give us a chance. Having to baby-sit them a little too much, but that’s part of it. They’ve got to learn. But I know you are going to want to ask about QB’s. I don’t know what to say other then I thought everybody competed well. I think there was bright moments really for all of them and probably a moment or two they would probably like to take back. That’s typical, but you don’t want typical. You want somebody who will make good decisions on a consistent basis and not turn a bad play into a catastrophe. Every once in a while, like the pick six. I think when you play your defense a lot, now I am not saying he knew the single, but he certainly sat on that route a little bit and we probably should have sailed it. But that is a true timing route and we are telling that QB to rip it. Take three steps and rip it, and if it is a pick, it’s on me. So I really say, that one in particular was on me for just not throwing enough deep balls to scare these guys off of jumping the shorter routes. Other than that, I thought there were some really bright moments on both sides of the ball.”


On not having a quarterback grab the starting role this spring…

“No, I mean I didn’t expect it necessarily and I know that we still have a lot more competition to go. I did not expect to have a clear leader when it was done. I would have been okay with it, but I think we are right about where we thought we were. And if I had to say how I peck them right now, it would be just like I got them going into this spring game. Kind of a co-No. 1 thing and the rest of them are kind of like co-No. 3. Just fighting for that No. 3 spot, at the moment. But that is what summer is about and that is what bringing in more guys and competing is all about. We will see more later.”


On weighing plays by the quarterbacks…

“Well, the pick. The pick that was thrown that was a pick six, again, I just explained that one. So, I am not worried about that one. I am more worried about me not getting the cornerback comfortable enough to where he has to get back on his heels, a little bit. So I got to take some more deep shots. And then I know another one was just really a superb play by [sophomore linebacker Shaquille Quarterman]. He read the deal, he has seen this route before and he really triggered on it and took it. So I don’t know if the quarterback could have seen that and burnt the ball or not. And there could have been another pick somewhere, too. But I got to watch it all to really tell you for sure. But one throw, whether it is a touchdown bomb or a pick, it is not going to sway me much. It is the body of work, ever since I have been here really, it’s the body of work. Ever since I have been here with the veterans, and [freshman quarterback Cade] Weldon since he has been here.”


On the next step for the quarterbacks this summer…

“Yeah, well I mean, like the rest of the team, I want them to meet their goals. We are going to have exit meetings starting Monday/Tuesday with these young men. So their coaches, we met I think Thursday with the strength staff to let them know what we want their weight to be, what we want their body fat to be. Certain things they need to work on, whether it is flexibility or change of direction. Whatever it may be we want. There are certain things we want them to get accomplished physically. But then we also know that throughout the summer we will be installing the offense and defense all summer long. So we want the guys to take some ownership. We get a short amount of time with them, two hours a week with them, and then they have to take the rest of that time and lead. And I am talking about the quarterbacks. They have got to lead those groups, get them lined up and call plays and all those type of things. They will be the ones making sure we stay organized and making progress all across the board in the summer time.”


On redshirt freshman quarterback Jack Allison…

“Well, it is just making good decisions, throwing to the right guy for the right reason. Putting them on the target, putting it on the money, if he has the opportunity to have the protection and the field of vision. He is certainly a guy who is going to make his career as a pocket passer. That is what he is. And is a very talented pocket passer. So when he gets opportunities, he has to stand there and rip it and put it on the money.”

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