Mike's Take: Analysis of NFL 1st Round Picks

Read on for some of my thoughts on the first round of the NFL Draft last night, and how it relates to Miami's recruiting efforts.


27 of the 32 had offers from at least one in-state FBS program coming out of HS. Of those 27, 17 stayed home and played in their home state.  Three of those 17 are from NJ so essentially 20 of 27 had a chance to stay in-state and play major college football and did.


None of the three Georgia players signed with Mark Richt at UGA. Strangely, two of the three (Jarrad Davis and Eric Engram) were never offered by Richt and his staff at UGA.

The two offensive linemen selected (Garrett Bolles and Ryan Ramczyk) had a grand total of one FBS offer coming out of HS. To take this a step further, the 4th OL selected (Forrest Lamp, a one-time Miami prospect) had no Power 5 offers. This is the position that continues to go against what the rankings say. When an OL kid commits, you can pretty much throw out his offer sheet and how many stars he has when trying to figure out how successful he'll be at the college level.

Texas: 4 (Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Stanford, and LSU) 

Ohio:  4 (Ohio State 2, UNC, and Michigan)

Alabama: 3 (all Bama)

Georgia: 3 (Clemson, UF, and Ole Miss)

New Jersey: 3 (UM, Michigan, and Temple)

California: 3 (USC, UCLA, and Washington)

Wisconsin: 2 (Wisconsin both)

Louisiana: 2 (LSU both)

Illinois: 1 (Western Michigan)
Pennsylvania: 1 (Ohio State)

Utah: 1 (Utah)
Colorado: 1 (Stanford)

South Carolina: 1 (Clemson)

Missouri: 1 (Missouri)

Virginia: 1 (Alabama)
Tennessee: 1 (Tennessee)
Florida: 0

5-stars: 9
4-stars: 11

3-stars: 7
2-stars: 3 (Ryan Ramczyk, Charles Harris, and Corey Davis had just one offer)
No FBS offers: 2

That means 5 of the 32 first round draft picks had 0 or 1 FBS offers when leaving HS.

Charles Harris is another in the long line of recent Missouri defensive linemen who were drafted high but were very lightly recruited. This has Coach Kool written all over it, and is another example of why he's considered the best in the business. It's almost like the OL group -- stars and who else has offered a kid don't really matter if Coach Kool wants him (and stays around to coach him).

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