WR Impressed by UM

When Miami (Fla.) Northwestern standout receiver Khalil Jones was invited to attend the Miami/Florida game earlier this month, he knew that he'd likely see a very good game.

It was even better than he expected.

"I knew going in that it was going to be a good battle," Jones said. "It ended up being one of the best games I've ever seen. I was mad at the end of the first half with the way Miami was getting beat. But then they came back and took care of business. That's Miami for you. They're never out of it and they proved it right there."

One week later, Jones returned to the Orange Bowl to watch the Hurricanes take on East Carolina.

"That was tight too but it wasn't wild and crazy like the Florida game," he said.

Jones said he's gotten a chance to speak to some of the UM coaches and players this month.

"Going to those games, I saw Kellen Winslow and some of the players," he said. "Coach CJ and I have been talking from time to time. He's just keeping up to date on what I've been doing."

What exactly has Jones been doing lately?

"We're 2-0 and looking real strong," he said. "The only thing is, our quarterback is still trying to get comfortable. He'll be straight and everything but he just needs some time and I haven't gotten that many balls yet, nothing big yet. You'll see it though, just wait. This week should be the game where I get some big plays (against North Miami)."

At 6-2 and 205 pounds, Jones claims a scholarship offer from the Hurricanes and says the Canes are still the leaders.

"UM's out in front but I will take some other visits," he said. "Me and Trevor (Ford) are actually taking some of the same visits. I know he's been setting some of them up."

Note: Ford told me earlier in the week that he has visits scheduled to Iowa and Florida State, while he's real close to setting another one up with Kansas State.

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