Jarrett Payton Q&A

Jarrett Payton is a senior running back that has played in 30 career games. This year Payton has rushed for 80 yards and two touchdowns. His average of 8.9 yards per carry is tops among running backs. Payton took time to discuss a variety of topics such as his freak injuries, his music selection and his career at Miami.

How has your senior season been so far?

It's going good. I just stay focused and I have been playing good. I feel like I know everything so it is a little bit easier than my first few years here.

Is there anything in particular that you are going to miss when you are done?

I am going to miss the guys on the team and the camaraderie with the guys. I know it wont be the same not being around them every single day.

What has been your most memorable moment as a Hurricane?

Jeremy Shockey's touchdown against Florida State.

How would you evaluate the team this year?

I think we got a lot of potential and we have been playing well. We just have to take it one game at a time and not rush it. If we do that we'll have a chance to get back to the big one.

How did the long touchdown against East Carolina feel?

It felt good. I knew my mom was going to be watching and she was going crazy. My family was watching so it made it a lot more enjoyable.

How often does your mom get to see you play?

She comes to almost every home game unless she has other obligations. She is going to be at the Boston College game this weekend so hopefully I will be able to get in.

What was your mindset coming into this season with the opportunity to receive more playing time?

I just looked at it as an opportunity. Every day coming out here to practice, it was not about beating someone out. I was just trying to get myself better so I could get more touches to help the team out. The biggest concern with me was to help the team win.

Coach has talked about getting Tyrone Moss and you more touches, how does that feel?

To me that is a good thing. That is what I have been waiting for. Last game, I just wanted one touch. I told myself, ‘if I get one touch I am going to take it to the house,' and it actually happened. I am looking to get more touches and whatever happens, happens. If I can help out, I can help out.

Throughout your career at Miami, what has been most frustrating?

Injuries is the biggest thing. Other than that, my life has been fine. My mom always tells me not to dwell on the past. She tells me not to think ‘I wish I could have done this, I wish I could have done that.' She says to take everything as a learning experience.

Can you explain some of the freak injuries that you've had such as the coral incident?

(Laughing) Most of them were off the field injuries and they have been the craziest things. Freak things happen, but at that point in my life I was going through crazy things that would happen to me. After the car accident, I thought that was it. I didn't want any more accidents.

What else do you like to do besides football?

Listen to music. Right now I am listening to Jay-Z, Coldplay, Billie Holiday. A little bit of everything.

Do you miss playing soccer?

Yeah I miss it a little bit. I had people talking to me about opportunities to play again before I came to college. I love watching it, but I just got tired of playing it. I played a lot at a young age and just got tired.

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