Commitment Having Big Season

Denver (Colo.) South standout tight end/defensive end Calais Campbell made a summer commitment to the Hurricanes. One of the reasons he committed early was so he could put all of his focus on playing well this season. He talked about that.

"We're only 2-2 but we're playing really well," Campbell said. "We lost to the No. 3 team in the state and to the No. 5 team. We beat ourselves in both games and I still see us looking at a state championship later in the year."

Campbell, who says he's currently "6-8 and about 235", has been playing both ways this season.

"On offense, I have 13 catches for 210 or so yards and one touchdown," he said. "I could have more. I had a 54-yard touchdown called back because of holding and another 32-yard catch called back because of penalty. I'm getting some big plays in, though. On defense, I only have four sacks because the teams we've been playing have pretty much been running the ball a lot."

Campbell, whose 28 sacks as a junior made him the state's leader, said he's excited about this week's game.

"The team we play this week throws the ball a lot," he said. "I can't wait because I can go after it. No teams around here really throw the ball so when someone does, you're pretty fired up as a defensive end."

While he was unsure about his future position the last time we spoke, Campbell has a pretty good idea now.

"I think I'm a really good tight end," he said. "And I think I could be a real good player at that position in college. But I think I'm better at defensive end and that's really where I want to play. The coaches at Miami say I have a choice and I'm gonna choose defensive end to start with. I like scoring and stuff, but the chance to play defensive end, especially at a place like Miami, is something I'd love to do."

Speaking of Miami, Campbell made a commitment to them during summer break. He talked more about that.

"I committed to them and there's absolutely no doubts," he said. "It's a for-sure thing, I'm going to Miami. I talk to the coaches every week. I haven't planned (a visit date) yet but it'll be during their preparation for a bowl game in December."

The standout defensive end said several coaches continued calling him in September until he gave them a message.

"Some coaches were still calling," he said. "They acted like they didn't know I was committed to Miami. I told them I'm a Hurricane but thanks for the interest. I'm going to Miami, that's where my heart's at."

Campbell said even some basketball coaches call from other schools. Since he's also a top flight basketball player, he's considered playing both sports in college.

"I thought about it but I think that would be awefully hard, especially at a school like Miami," he said. "I've seen other guys try it but it usually doesn't work. When you're at a place like Miami where they compete for championships, you're focused on football for most of the year anyway."

Campbell is a full academic qualifier.

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