Quadtrine Hill Q&A

Quadtrine Hill is the team's starting fullback for the second year in a row. He is a sophomore from Sunrise who possesses good athleticism out of the backfield as a receiver. Hill has caught 18 career passes for 298 yards. Last year against West Virginia, Hill set a career-high in both catches (6) and receiving yards (108). He took time to answer a few questions about the team and his injuries.

How is the offense developing?

We have some things we need to pick up on. Over the course of a season not everything is going to be great. As the season goes on you have to get better. You wouldn't want to peak too early, but I feel like we should be at our peak. Over time we are going to be where we need to be.

What is the biggest difference between this year's team and last year's team?

It is a different team. Every team has a different personality. Every team has different leaders and different guys at key positions. On offense, the chemistry is going to be different than it was last year. But, last year was different than the year before.

How is this year going for you individually?

I have been nicked up and bruised more than I did last year. I have had a couple of injuries that have kept me out. As far as the season goes, I feel I'm doing all right.

How are your injuries coming along?

The shoulder feels fine. It was not a problem last week. The ankle is doing better, still a little sore. It should be fine for game time. I practiced on it yesterday. It felt pretty good.

Last year you had a good game against West Virginia, what are your feelings about going up against them again?

Last year they left me open and Kenny got me the ball. I did a pretty good job after I got the ball. This year, I don't know if they will make the same mistake and leave me open. If they don't, then that will open up downfield for the other dangerous receivers.

What is it like to have an offense with so many dangerous weapons?

Every position someone can make a big play. If you leave anyone uncovered or unaccounted for, you could possibly get burned.

Is it surprising at times that the offense can become stagnant?

Yeah it has because our coaches take so much pride in making everything great. Sometimes all it takes is for one person not to do their job perfectly than it could blow the play. It sometimes happens to one person or more than one and it can kill a drive.

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