OL To Visit UM

They don't get much bigger than 6-foot-6 and 340 pounds. That's what Chicago (Ill.) Harper standout Roland Martin checks in at these days.

"I'm definitely the biggest guy out there and I enjoy it," Martin said. "I toss people around like it's nothing. I have guys scared. Some defensive ends don't even try. They're afraid so I must be doing something right. Our next biggest player is about 280."

Martin, who played on both sides of the ball during his sophomore and junior seasons, has been focusing on just offense this season.

"Our defensive line is so good they don't even need me," he said. "They're running through everyone and I'm happy. The defense has only given up eight points in five games."

The talented lineman was in a good mood tonight, as he was recently named to the All-American Bowl in Texas. There was a ceremony at his school today.

"They had the band there playing, the cheerleaders chanting my name," he said. "I had to deliver a few words. It was a great feeling. I can't wait for that game so I can show the whole country what I'm all about."

College coaches from across the country know very well who Martin is. They know he's one of the top offensive line prospects in the entire country.

"I know of three schools that I will visit after the season," he said. "I'm going to Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Miami. I talk to coaches from those schools each week and we're going to be setting up trips. Some other ones might be Michigan State, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska but only the first three are for sure right now."

Martin talked more about the Hurricanes.

"They call a lot," he said. "When they first started calling, one of things they asked me was who my favorite player is. I told them it's Kellen Winslow and they were like, 'we can have him host you on your visit here' and I was real excited about that. To be able to chill with a great player like that on my visit would be so tight."

Martin is one of several offensive line prospects from the Midwest that UM has recruited in recent years. They haven't been to successful in getting kids to leave the area but that doesn't appear to be a potential problem with Martin.

"I want to get out and get away for college," he said. "All I know is Chicago. The people here, the city, the girls in Chicago. I want to go somewhere new so everything around me is new. I want a change of surroundings."

Martin has not yet scheduled dates for his visits and isn't ready to name a favorite.

"I like Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Miami for now," he said. "I'm sure I'll see things on my visits that make me like one school more than another. I guess I'll have to wait and see."

Martin is scheduled to take the SAT in two weeks.

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