Alfonso Marshall Q&A

Alfonso Marshall is a senior cornerback from Clewiston who has started all four games this year. Marshall is second on the team in interceptions with two and had a game-clinching interception against Florida late in the game.

He has played in 36 career games and the coaching staff has been very impressed with his ability to make plays this year. In a conversation with Marshall he discussed his views on the team and how he takes pride in being a special teams standout.

How is the season going?

The season is going good. We are having a great season right now. We are 4-0 and we are trying to get back to the championship game. Our goal is to be in the championship game every year. We have a good record and we are just trying to prove everything.

Are you playing up to your personal expectations?

I am halfway there. I set goals that I expect myself to meet. I haven't reached them yet, but we are just halfway through our season. We'll see how it goes at the end of the year.

This is your senior season; do you feel any added pressure to have a good year?

You always want to go out with a bang. This is my last year and I don't want to be known as a guy that just wore the jersey. I want to be known as someone that helped contribute to a winning team. I just want to prove that this year

With the big play against Florida and adding another interception against Boston College, is your confidence at an all-time high?

My confidence has always been high. I have always had the mentality that I am the best one out there. It just so happens that this year I am starting to make plays compared to the last few years.

What is your opinion on West Virginia quarterback Rasheed Marshall?

Rasheed is a heck of a quarterback. He is more dangerous with his feet than with his arm. That is something that we are going to have to work on in practice. We need to go out there and play assignment football. And whatever happens, happens.

Since it was a tough game last year do you think the team is less likely to look past West Virginia?

College football is a funny sport. Any week any team can be beat. You can't look past a team and think about a school like Florida State. I think the coaches do a great job in getting us ready.

The team already has seven returns for touchdowns, what does that do for a team?

It is an emotional boost. It helps our offense get into a rhythm. It takes pressure off the offense knowing that they don't have to do too much because they know the defense and special teams will put up points. It is a great boost for our team and hopefully we can continue to get those points.

What is it like blocking on special teams for a player like Devin Hester or Roscoe Parrish?

I take a lot of pride in blocking for those guys. I know every time that they touch the ball they can take the ball 80-90 yards for a score. I take pride in my blocking because my block could spring them free. If I can do that, it will help the team. When they do score it feels good knowing that I did my job in helping the team. It is a great feeling.

What is the key to a becoming a good player on special teams who is not a returner?

You just have to go out there and bust your tail every play. Play hard every play. Be on your assignments and play hard. If you do that everything else will take care of itself.

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