WVU Locker Room Report

Following a lackluster performance by the Miami Hurricanes in a 22-20 win against West Virginia we caught up with several players after the game to get their reaction.

Nine players shared their thoughts after the game in the lockerroom.

DE Thomas Carroll

What are your thoughts on the game?

A compliment to West Virginia, they played tough. Our offense had it down in their red-zone but just couldn't get any touchdowns out of it. I want to congratulate Peattie; he stepped up and made the kick. On defense, we have to tackle better. It was just one of those off-days. We just need to step it up.

Can you evaluate your performance?

I could have done a lot better. I didn't do that bad, but I could have done a lot better.

What was it like defending Rasheed Marshall and Quincy Wilson tonight?

Their running back ran real hard. We as the defensive line need to wrap him up. Their quarterback just made plays.

Even in winning the game are you worried the team might be a bit discouraged with the final score?

Not at all. A win is a win. We'll take a win any way we can get it. We will evaluate things on Friday and we need to work on some things before Florida State.

CB Alfonso Marshall

What are your thoughts on the game?

It was a hard-fought game. It showed a lot about our character tonight. To be a championship team you have to find a way to win. That credit goes to everyone on offense and defense.

What were your thoughts after West Virginia scored the touchdown with two minutes remaining?

I knew the offense would push down the field and score either a touchdown or a field goal. Losing never came across our minds. We know what type of team we are and we were going to fight until the end. We knew we had to go down the field and we did.

Did you say anything to any of the offensive players before they took the field on the last drive?

No I didn't. I had confidence in the offense and that they would go down and score to win the game and they did. We help out each other and that's one thing about us that makes us tough.

How do you feel you played personally?

I had an average performance today. There are certain things I could have done better. But I'll work hard and I have another week to get better.

Do you have quick comment on the upcoming game with Florida State?

It's going to be a dogfight.

DT Orien Harris

What are your thoughts on the game?

I thought we played alright. We have all weekend off and we need to put it behind us.

With the score 19-13 in the fourth quarter, can you talk about the crucial sack that you had to force a third and long situation?

I'm just trying to help my defense out. It was a one-on-one play and I played it good. I'm just trying to make plays and help out.

How would you evaluate your performance?

It could have been better. I did a couple of things, but next week in practice I'll work hard.

Were you worried that the offense was not going to be able to win the game after giving up the touchdown late in the game?

We win as a team and we lose as a team. I had confidence in the offense. When it clicks it's a beautiful thing. When they have time they play more comfortable.

WR Sinorice Moss

Can you talk about the game tonight?

Tonight was a very aggressive and competitive game. They weren't going to law down, they came out ready to fight. We had a couple mistakes and penalties. We kept our focus and we did what we had to do to win the game.

In your opinion, how did the offense look?

Overall the offense looked good, but we have to do better. We have a tough game next week against Florida State and their defense is not going to lay down. We have to play hard-nosed traditional Miami football and get some mix with the passing game and rushing game to do what we need to do to win the football game.

What was it like going up against the West Virginia secondary?

They have a pretty good secondary. They stay after you and will drop back into a cover-three. Most of the routes were pretty open for us.

Who were some guys on the team that stood out in your mind?

Kellen Winslow really stood out tonight. He knows he's the go-to guy and he made some big plays for us tonight.

OG Chris Myers

Can you evaluate the offensive performance?

I wouldn't say we struggled. With offense if one person makes a mental mistake or misses a block it can mess up the whole play. We have to cut down on those mistakes.

How was the West Virginia defense?

West Virginia had excellent linebackers that played extremely well. They have a hard-nose defense and always have. We had a couple of extra days to prepare for them and I think that was the key.

RB Jarrett Payton

What was the confidence like by the offense on the last drive?

Our offensive line just kept saying ‘We've got this game' so I had a lot of confidence in them and wasn't worried about what would happen.

What is your take on the potential loss to Frank Gore due to injury?

I hope he comes back, he is a very important part of the offense. We have a lot of talent on this team and we will do whatever it takes.

OG Vernon Carey

What was the key to tonight's win?

Everyone stayed focused. We practice these situations every week so were prepared for it when it came time to perform.

What is it like having Brock Berlin's leadership in the huddle?

When the pressure is on, Brock is always going to step up.

C Joel Rodriguez

What are your thoughts on the game?

This isn't the NFL, we can't kick five field goals and expect to win every game. We have to score touchdowns. Hopefully next week we will be able to score touchdowns.

Can you assess your performance?

I think I did pretty good. They had a nose on me all game and I did a pretty good job blocking him.

How is it for an offensive line going up against a 3-3-5 defense?

It was pretty weird for us. There was a lot of focus on unblocked players. It caused some confusion. We will probably see a lot more base runs from Florida State.

What are your thoughts on playing Florida State next?

It's going to be a backyard brawl as usual. People are saying the game will be bigger because we are both in the top five. For me and I think I can speak for most of the guys in the locker room, there is no bigger game that Florida State. The road to a National Championship runs through Florida. We have to win this game or else we will be watching the scoreboard all year long.

K Jon Peattie

What are your thoughts on the game?

It was crazy game. The team played well at times. There is just something about our team, we always pull through. Kellen came up with a huge catch in the game. I wouldn't have been able to kick that last field goal if it wasn't for them.

How were the five field goals which set a school-record and also you set a new career long of 43 yards?

Other than the 43-yarder, the others were pretty close. In college every kick is big even the extra points. In high school they were pretty easy, but now you have to work for everything.

What are your thoughts on the final field goal?

What a nice opportunity during my freshman year and I'm thankful for it.

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