DL Ready For Commitment

Wharton, Texas standout defensive lineman Kellen Heard has had a pretty good idea for awhile now that Miami is a place he's very interested in. His feelings toward UM became even stronger this past weekend when he took an official visit. He talked about it.

"I had a great visit," Heard said. "Vince Wilfork and Orien Harris were my hosts and they were cool as hell man. They let me know what's up. I met a lot of other players. Bryan Pata, that's my boy. We all tight, I got along real well with all the players and coaches."

Heard, 6-foot-6 1/2 and 365 pounds, made the visit to Miami after taking trips to Texas A&M and Baylor earlier in the season.

"Those other places don't even compare," he said. "Miami was tight. That's where I want to be."

In a previous interview with us, Heard said he was likely going to announce his decision on October 9.

"I don't know when it's going to be but more than likely it'll be Miami," he said. "I just want to make sure."

One of the reasons why Heard might be delaying his announcement is because of an upcoming visit this weekend.

"I'm going out to LSU for a visit this weekend," he said. "They play Florida and that should be tight. I want to check them out first."

Heard said it appears the Tigers are the only program that might stack up against the Hurricanes at this point.

"If it aint Miami, I guess I'd go somewhere like LSU or something," he said.

Heard has been playing on both sides of the ball as a senior this season, including some at fullback.

"I got four touchdowns and I wish they'd get me the ball more," he laughed. "I've been playing defensive line, tight end, fullback, a little bit of everything."

However, he was adament when asked about his future position, saying, "I ain't gonna try defense. I will play defense. There aint no question about that. They're probably going to lose Wilfork after this season so I can step right in there."

Heard said the excitement over the Hurricanes is pretty easy to explain.

"They .. Miami," he said. "I'm so tired of losing man, I want to start winning," he said in a much louder tone of voice. "Nobody wins more than Miami. I want to win a national championship and play in the NFL. That's what Miami does. Nobody does it better or even comes close."

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