Antrel Rolle Q&A

Despite a #2 ranking and perfect 5-0 record there is much work to do in the Miami Hurricane camp. Junior Antrel Rolle breaks down the changes needed to help the Hurricanes remain at the top of the college football world. He recaps the WVU debacle and looks ahead to Florida State.

Five games into this season, what do you see as the primary weakness on this team?
What we are lacking on this team is leadership in the tough times. We have no one to pick us up; the support is very scattered. We need to have the offense rooting on the defense during the game and vice versa. We do not have enough support for each other right now.

Do you view Kellen Winslow as a leader for this team?
I have nothing bad to say about Kellen Winslow; he is all about the game. Some say he is selfish and cocky but he wants to win. He has the character to be a leader. He is a very fiery player. Me and Sean [Taylor] always talk about him and feed off of his energy. We're like ‘man, that is the way you play the game.' I think Kellen reflects his leadership on the field more than as a leader in the locker room.

What was your feeling after the West Virginia game? Encouraging that you came back or discouraging that it was so close?
It was discouraging, I was not happy at all. To me it was a big disappointment. I just didn't want to be there. I took a quick shower and then just left to get away. Some people might have been encouraged that we came back and won but not me. That game should not have been close.

If you are coach, what adjustments do you make on this team?
If someone is not doing what they are told or coached to do they wouldn't be playing. If you miss assignments you'll be on the bench. It is as simple as that and I don't care who you are.

What are your thoughts on the media's perception that Miami is the underdog this weekend and that they may finally go down?
I don't pay attention to what the media says. There is no saying we won't beat FSU and then lose to Temple. Let them say and feel what they want, it means nothing to me.

What is the one key to victory this weekend in your opinion?
We have to be a team, lots of people playing as individuals right now. Team unity is what we need, not playing as individuals.

As a defender that goes against him in practice, what has been your take on Brock Berlin's progress this season?
Some people say he just needs experience and he'll be fine. It is not an experience issue to me, he has shown experience with his comebacks when we have been down.

Are you as confident as you've always been that Miami will get the ‘W' this weekend?
I'm sure we can do it. If we do what we are coached to do then we will win.

What are your thoughts on Greg Threat taking over for Maurice Sikes at strong safety?
I am confident with Threat back there. He is smart and a hard worker and is always willing to learn. There is no half speed with that guy.

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