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Greg Threat is a sophomore safety from Tallahassee who is the likely starter for senior Maurice Sikes who suffered a knee injury last game against West Virginia. Threat has been dealing with a hamstring injury for the majority of the season. He suffered the injury in the first week of August and has yet to play this season. Head coach Larry Coker would have likely red-shirted Threat this season.

Could you have played last week against West Virginia?

I could have played last week, but mentally I wasn't ready. That was the first game that I felt my hamstring was strengthened and just go out there and play. I felt I could do all the things I needed to do.

Why did you feel you were not mentally ready?

Truthfully I felt I was probably going to redshirt this season. I put that in my head so I did not study like I should have. Now they told me I had to step in and play for the ball club. I just put that in my head that all these guys here are counting on me to fill in for Mo Sikes. I have been preparing myself and I am studying. There is a lot for me to do, but I feel I'll be able to handle it.

Are you mentally ready now?

Definitely. I rehabbed real hard so it was just a matter of getting back in and start learning the plays. I have been getting my stamina back.

How has Mo Sikes helped you develop as a player?

Mo has helped me a lot. As far as I am concerned he has been my mentor. Whenever I make a mistake, he lets me know. And whenever I do well, he tells me good job. He has been a big brother to me. He wants me to do the best that I can do. I thank him for that.

Do you expect to start on Saturday?


Do you feel comfortable if you were to start?

Yes I feel very comfortable.

Do you think Florida State might target you in the secondary because of your inexperience?

Yes I do think so. If they already know Mo Sikes is hurt or when they find out, they will feel there is an inexperienced player taking his spot. I feel they will design some things to go after me.

Does that excite you or concern you?

It does not excite me or concern me. I am just going to go out there and play football. I know I have capabilities of doing the job. There is really no worry about it.

Were you close to attending Florida State?

I wasn't that close. I originally grew up in Georgia and was a Bulldog fan. I moved to Tallahassee and went to high school there, but I had no thoughts of going to Florida State.

Does your family still live there?

No they are here.

Is it more special going back to play in Tallahassee?

It's just another game. No game is bigger than another one, in my eyes. A lot of people might put a lot of emphasis on this game, but it's just a game.

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